Nicknames & Unique Terms

Hangul Romanization Meaning
아기대추 Agidaechu
Baby Jujube
Baby Jujube is a nickname from It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets since he looked cute in the red Stussy hat.
Similar: daechunyel 대추녤 = jujube Nyel
아기공주떡 Agigongjutteok Baby Princess Rice Cake is a nickname based on a black sesame rice cake’s brand name. It was initially used to describe his fluffy appearance when wearing a dark bucket hat on January 22, 2021 (see explanation video). Daniel was made aware of the nickname in his 2nd anniversary V LIVE. Representative emojis are: 🍼👑🍡
반깐녤 Bankkannyel Nickname when his hair is half-up/down
Similar: deopnyel 덮녤 = hair down, kkannyel 깐녤 = hair up
브이맨 Beuimaen V-Man, a nickname when his hands form peace signs in his content
Similar: ttabongmaen 따봉맨 for when he uses thumbs-up
달리엣 Dalliet
Daliet is a nickname from Wanna One Go when he pretended to be Juliet on the balcony while playing around the dorm for the first time with Ong and Jisung. Similar: Other nicknames from shows/videos include Patrick = paeteurik 패트릭 from X-CON, Housekeeping = hauseukiping 하우스키핑 from 2Park’s V LIVE, and Jonathan = jonadan 조나단 from Okay Wanna One.
다니에르 Daniereu Nickname from a Japanese fan translated into Korean from Daniero ダニエロ
다니삐 Danippi ダニピ is a Japanese nickname for Nyel Ging (Nyel Cute)
Similar: KanDa 神田 (칸다[상]) is the Japanese nickname for Nyel Chin (Nyel Sexy), kan/kami 神 = God
다니티라노 Danitirano DANITYranno, fandom inside joke after Daniel said tyrannosaurus when making an acrostic poem with DANITY syllables (see #DANITYREX2U)
Similar: Danityrannosaurus = danitiranosauruseu 다니티라노사우르스
다녤 Danyel Korean nickname, and fans use Nyel 녤 for short too
Similar: Daniael 단이앨, Niaeli 니애리, Nyeri/Nyeli 녜리 (can also be used with da 다 for Danyeri 다녜리), Ttanni 딴니
얼속덩잊 Eolsogdeongij Is short for eolgule soga deongchileul ijjimalja 얼굴에 속아 덩치를 잊지말자
“Don’t be fooled by the cute face to forget about his physique.”
강삡뺩 Gangbbibbbyab Kang Bbib Bbyab is Daniel’s Netflix profile name, as seen on MBC’s  I Live Alone
강초딩 Gangchoding Kang Choding is a nickname given by Yoon Jisung in reference to Daniel’s mischievous childlike persona. A combination of Daniel’s surname and the word choding 초딩 = elementary school kid.
강대표님 Gangdaepyonim CEO Kang because Daniel is the CEO of KONNECT Entertainment and KD Corp
Similar: Saranghaeyo Daepyonim 사랑해요대표님 is an inside joke that originated from Daniel’s dance practice V LIVE when a staff member said this.
강단현상 Gangdanhyeonsang KangDan Phenomenon
Similar: Gangdaniel Sindeurom 강다니엘 신드롬 =  Kang Daniel Syndrome
강단희 Gangdanhui Kang Danhui/Danhee is Daniel’s sister persona.
강단이 Gangdani Kang Dani is the name comedian Ji Sukjin called Daniel by mistake during ep. 510 of KBS’s Happy Together. That episode was Wanna One’s first guest appearance on a variety show.
강다쓰 Gangdasseu Kang Das is the name comedian Jun Hyunmoo called Daniel in MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View.
강도련님 Gangddolyeonnim Young Master Kang is Daniel’s young master or gentleman persona from historical times.
First seen in the 2021 Lunar New Year V LIVE.
강고기 Ganggogi Kang Gogi is a combination of Daniel’s surname and the word gogi 고기 = meat, in reference to Daniel’s love for meat.
Similar: gangseuteik/gangseuteikeu 강스테잌/강스테이크 = Kang Steak (Sungwoon’s V LIVE)
강휘혈 Ganghwihyeol Kang Hwihyeol, a Korean nickname from Produce 101, is from an internet novel’s male lead’s name (Ban Hwihyeol 반휘혈). Used when Daniel seems like a cool fictional character
강미니언 Gangminieon Kang Minion is Daniel’s nickname when he dressed up as Kevin for Halloween.
강사 Gangsa Kang Sa is Daniel’s persona when he teaches dance in his V LIVE or YouTube videos.
강사 also means instructor in Korean.
강소니엘 Gangsoniel Kang Soniel, Daniel’s intern character in his UNIVERSE show Agent Blackjack-K
갱어쥐 Gaengeojwi Is a play on the word gangaji 강아지, which means puppy
갓다니엘 Gatdaniel God Daniel, a nickname Daniel created in Produce 101 Season 2 when he said he wanted to be like God Sejeong (2nd place winner of Produce 101 Season 1)
갓지컬 Gatjikeol
God Physical, a nickname from God + physical (갓 + 피지컬)
Similar: pijikeoljangin 피지컬장인 = Physical Artisan
국민 멍뭉 Gugmin Meongmoong Nation’s Puppy
국민 픽 Gugmin Pik Nation’s Pick
국민 센터 Gugmin Senteo Nation’s Center
견뎌니앨 Gyeondyeoniael A play on Daniel’s name that is similar to “endure” (gyeondyeonael 견뎌낼) in Korean,
referring to when Daniel tries to hold in his laughter
귤녤 Gyulnyel Tangerine Nyel, a nickname used when he wears orange (originates from Produce 101 class B)
Similar: gyulging 귤깅 = cute tangerine
해외니티 Haeoeniti Daniel’s nickname for international fans
허왜거 Heowaegeo Is short for heoliga wae geogiseo nawa 허리가 왜 거기서 나와
“Why is your waist there?” because of his long legs in comparison to his torso
작소녤 Jagsonyel Small Precious Nyel, short for jakgo 작고 = small, sojoonghhan 소중한 = precious, Nyel/Niel
Similar: keusonyel 크소녤 = Big Precious Nyel
장꾸녤 Jangkkunyel Nickname for when he is mischievous. Originates from Superman Returns when Lee Hwijae called Seojun jangnankkuleogi 장난꾸러기 = mischievous boy
잔망녤 Janmangnyel Decadent Nyel, a nickname for when he’s endearingly extra. Originates from janmanghada/janmangseuleobda 잔망하다/잔망스럽다
젤리먼스 Jellimeonseu Jelly Dance is the characteristic dance Daniel does with his arm held above his head while shaking his fists and hips.
커넥깅 Keonekging Combination of KONNECT Entertainment + ging, a term of endearment for the company
Similar: Team Daniel/팀다니엘 is what his dancers refer to themselves.
꽁다리 Kkongdari Kkongdari is the nickname for the wisp of his hair that sticks up (see the Twitter).
Similar: Nyelkorita 녤코리타 based on the Pokemon Chikorita
코룽이 Koroongi
Koroong is the name Daniel recommended to a fan for a cat though Wanna One’s official fancafe, which fans use now as a nickname for his cute side. Kolong is the romanization in Chinese. Similar: 포룽이들 poroongideul = 포 foreign/foreigner + 룽이 from Koroong is the Korean fans’ nickname for Daniel’s foreign fans
마몸디얼 Mamomdieol Marvel body with a Disney face, ma = Marvel, mohm = body, di = Disney, eol (short for eol gul) = face
멈무 Meommu Is a wordplay on meong meong 멍멍, which is how dogs sound like to Koreans (fans also use nyelmungi 녤뭉이). It’s not a term used only with Daniel; however, it’s predominantly used as one of his nicknames.
Similar: gangdaengdaeng 강댕댕 = Kang Puppy from daengdaengi 댕댕이 = phrase derived from 멍멍; meomkki 멈끼 = puppy + tokki 토끼 bunny
멍냥 Meongnyang Puppy-cat is a term KDANITY use if they need to say Daniel looks like a cat but can’t because he’s a puppy
민들녤 Mindeulnyel DandelioNyel/Kang Dandelion, from mindeulle 민들레 = dandelion when his blonde hair stuck out due to static
무대위의 흑마법사 Mudaewiui Heugmabeobsa Warlock of the Stage
Similar: Mabeobgateun Sonyeon 마법같은 소년 = magical boy
녤부리 Nyelburi Nickname for his pursed lips/mouth shape (buri = beak)
녤친 Nyelchin Niel/Nyel Chin is Daniel’s sexy persona, especially when his hair is up.
Combination of Daniel + crazy (Nyel 녤 + michin 미친)
녤들튀 Nyeldeultwi
Grab Nyel and rundeultwi 들튀 is a slang term formed from deulgo twida 들고 튀다 = hold/grab and run
녤깅 Nyelging Nyel Ging/King is Daniel’s cute persona, especially when his hair is down.
Combination of Daniel + baby (Nyel 녤 + aeging 애깅)
Similar: nyelching 녤칭 = Niel Ching is a term Daniel used when asked to pick between cute and sexy
녤구 Nyelgu Combination of Nyel 녤 + baekgu 백구, a white Jindo dog breed
Nickname describes his puppylike image in SBS Law of the Jungle
녤하인드 Nyelhaindeu
Nyel Hind is used by Daniel on the fancafe by replacing “behind” in “behind the scenes” with “Nyel Hind.”
녤모예드 Nyelmoyedeu
Nyelmoyed is a combination of Danyel + Samoyed (다녤 + 사모예드) due to his resemblance to the dog. The breed is known for its characteristic happy expression, which earned the nicknames “Sammie smile” and  “smiley dog.” The resemblance of many Daniel and Samoyed photos is so uncanny, it prompted fans to create a Twitter dedicated to it.
녤나잇 Nyelnait
Nyel Night, used by some fans instead of “good night”
Similar: nyelmoning 녤모닝 = Nyel morning
녤니 Nyelni
Nyel Ni, nickname for his bunny teeth, is a combination of Danyel + front teeth (다녤 + apni 앞니). The image of Daniel sporting pink hair and showing his bunny teeth during PD101 inspired the nickname Prince Apeach.
Similar:  Nidan 니단 = edits of pink haired Daniel smiling with his bunny teeth, often in a bunny suit
녤시 Nyelsi
Nyel Hour/Time/o’clock, posting time that is usually 12:10 from his birthday December 10
녤왜거 Nyelwaegeo Short for 녤이 왜 거기서나와 nyeli wae geogiseonawa or “Why is Niel coming out there?” to ask why is Daniel mentioned or appearing in an unexpected way
핑머걔 Pingmeogyae Pink Hair Guy, one of the earliest nicknames Daniel had in Produce 101 when his hair was pink
Short for pingkeumeoli gyae 핑크머리 걔.
Another nickname he had during the early episodes was B bansense B반센세 = B class sensei.
Rooney’s/Peter’s/Ori’s/Zhang-Ah‘s Oppa, as Daniel considers his cats his younger sisters
Similar:  Rupiojjang 루피오짱 = abbreviation of his cats’ names
루피오 = loupiot or “kid” in French, 짱 = “best” or “awesome”
스파이더녤 Seupaideonyel SpiderNyel, a nickname due to his love for Spider-Man
웃음장벽 1cm Us-eumjangbyeog 1cm 1cm Laugh Barrier/Laughter Wall is a term used to describe how easily Daniel laughs.
왕자 어피치 Wangja Eopichi
Prince Apeach is a nickname that references Daniel’s resemblance to the KakaoTalk character Baby Apeach.
The nickname was originally used only by fans, but nowadays the Korean media also uses it.

Other Terms Used

Hangul Romanization Meaning
어본깅 Eobonging Phrase meaning “cute side team from the beginning” (Nyel Ging in Daniel’s case)
Similar: eobonchin 어본친 for the sexy side
어깨깡패 Eokkaekkangpae Shoulder Gangster
갭차이 Gaebchai Gap Difference means a difference between what someone is perceived to be like and their usual self.
Similar: ondocha 온도차 = temperature difference (Daniel’s gap difference Twitter)
개죽이 Gaejookie
Korean meme of a golden retriever dog that is always giggling
Fans used this nickname during PD101 because he was constantly laughing. He still does.
기부천사 Gibucheonsa Donation Angel is Daniel’s nickname since he is known for philanthropy.
공카요정 Gongkayojeong Fancafe Fairy is a nickname for a celebrity who visits the fancafe and interacts with fans there often.
Daniel jokingly said during his V LIVE that he practically lived in the fancafe.
고양이 집사 Goyangi Jibsa Cat Butler is a nickname for a person who dotes on cats (Nyeljibsa 녤집사 = Nyel butler).
입동굴 Ibdonggul Mouth Cave is a term used to describe the type of smile that is broad with a lot of space by the sides of the teeth.
인간비타민 Inganbitamin Human Vitamin is a term for someone who is bright and cheerful.
인간 복숭아 Ingan Bogsunga Human Peach is a term for someone with a fresh looking appearance.
인간 각도기 Ingan Gagdogi Human Protractor is a term for a person who dances with beautiful and precise angles.
인간 이온음료 Ingan Ioneumnyo Human Ion/Sports Drink is what a journalist coined since Daniel is refreshing and also endorsing Pepsi.
인증요정 Injeungyojeong Acknowledgement Fairy is a term used when a celebrity supports fans.
For example, it was used when Daniel wore fangifts or went to fan-sponsored events.
자영업자 Jayeongeobja Self-Employed is a term that describes how someone creates buzz and gains fans based on their own merits.
직캠장인 Jigkaemjangin Fancam Artisan refers to how an artist becomes well-known for fancams and stage performances.
John잘 John Jal F***ing/Very Handsome was used by Jessi in Showterview.
John is the abbreviation of 존나 (jonna) and 잘 is short for 잘생겼다 (jalsaenggyeotda).
마카롱 Macarong Macaroon/Macaron is a type of biscuit/dessert originally from Italy and France.
In this case, fans use it in reference to the shape Daniel’s eyes have when they are closed and puffy.
멍뭉미 Meongmoongmi Pretty/Cute as a Puppy is a compound word formed by meongmoong 멍뭉 = puppy and mi 미 = pretty (or měi 美 )
무대장인 Mudaejangin Stage Artisan is a term used to describe artists with so much charisma, they command the stage.
Can also be translated as God of the Stage or Stage Master
Similar: mudaecheonjae 무대천재 = stage genius
오뚜케 Ottuke
Cute pronunciation of ottoke 어떻게/어떡해 = How?/What can I do?
Used by Daniel on Running Man and Master Key and also by his fans
유교맨 Yugyomaen Yugyoman or Old-Fashioned/Confucian Man is a nickname Daniel said he liked in his Thailand interview.
He does not show skin much (offstage) and thinks it sounds hip hop.

His Name in Different Languages

Original Romanization Language
姜丹尼爾/姜丹尼尔 Jiāng dānníěr Chinese (traditional/simplified)
カンダニエル Kandanieru Japanese
คังแดเนียล Khạng dæ neīy l Thai
काँग डैनियल Kang Daniel Hindi
كانغ دانييل Kang Danyil Arabic
Кан Даниэль Kan Daniel Russian