OurDaniel has been afloat for 4 years thanks to the collaboration of friends and supporters through private donations, and we would like to keep this website open for as long as DANITY can help us through donations.

Main Goals

  • 2022 Hosting plan upgrade x 48 months – Paid until April 2026!

  • Yearly Domain + Daily backup ($30.40) – Paid for 2022

Secondary Goals

  • FileBird plugin license + updates ($39) – Purchased!

Domain is the address, which allows a visitor to find and see the website online, while hosting is where the website files are stored. In order to have a functioning website, you need both.

The daily backup is a feature that makes automatic backups of the website database and files and saves the last 7 days, which can help restore the website in case of file corruction or hacking. I do a manual backup every couple months, but since this one take hours to make, the daily backup is a more up to date alternative, and it’s always a good thing to have double backup.

Our hosting provider always offers a large discount starting from yearly payments. The more time we stay with them, the bigger the discount. If we pay for 48 months, the discount is bigger than if we pay for 12 months. Monthly payment has no discount.

Have in mind the discounts change all the time, depending the promotions they have. The price we list is the current one, and we hope it will stay like that by the time we can make the payment.

If we cannot reach the goal on time, we will not get the 48 months upgrade and instead try to secure the website at least until April 2023.

We have secondary goals for useful plugins (which are like apps or programs used for specific tasks). Any donation we receive will be used for the website’s improvement or future payments.

OurDaniel is also part of the Funds Team which funds our Genie Stream Team, so any extra money we might have from past fundraisings can also be used to support the streaming team during comebacks. However, we try to do this after consulting with our donors.

Of course, we will send proof of the donations received (+fees) and the receipt for the hosting payment to our donors’ emails. Every time we send an email to our donors, we will tweet about it. If for some reason you do not receive any email or you have further inquires, you can always DM us on Twitter.

Or send transfer to donate@ourdaniel.com


What’s next for OurDaniel.com?

Currently we are working on our Rookie Cops page, an extension of Filmography. The drama page will include information about the cast, characters, episodes, pre-release promotion and everything the actors had to say about it, as well as a detailed list of all the official social media updates, and links to English subbed content.

Coming soon is also our Impact & Influence page, which will cover Media & Public Interest (tv parodies, webtoons, inspired music, and his Busan ambassadorship), Influence & Sales Power (his advertisement work, listed on Forbes Korea), and Popularity & Trending Topic (Guinness, rankings, tv non-drama top 10, old Naver trending).