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OurDaniel.com is an international fansite dedicated to Kang Daniel, a South Korean singer-rapper, dancer, and commercial model best known as the first place winner of survival show Produce 101 Season 2 and former member of project group Wanna One.

This website is a collaborative effort of six noona fans (the ones with Peach names down below) who love and support Daniel since the first episode of PD101. It started on November 2017 in a private chat, where several of his fans gather to talk about him and share memories together. We decided to create this website to compile all the Daniel-related information and to use it as a platform for promotion and community for all of his fans around the world.


We are not officially authorized by or affiliated to Kang Daniel, his management, or any of his projects. All text found on this website unless otherwise stated is owned by OurDaniel.com (i.e. Daniel’s biography, Featured page, etc.). Please do not reproduce any of this original material.

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Special Thanks:

To our friends from the OH Kang Daniel thread. We started as a small fangirling chat in June 2017 and we shared many fun and sad memories together. Although no one knows us, great things came out from that small chat. Thank you for sticking around.

A million thanks to Suzie, Meut, Nor, Joy, Angela, Robin and Mountain Peach. This website will be open for another year thanks to your contribution.

To Angela and Iris for believing in this project and helping us promote when we just started.