With a strong brand reputation tied to his name, it is not a surprise that Kang Daniel is one of the most sought-after names in both the entertainment and advertisement industries in South Korea. He has topped the Individual Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Ranking for 13 consecutive months and consistently placed among the top 10 for the Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Ranking. According to a 2018 article, Daniel became one of the highest valued celebrities in South Korea’s advertisement industry, reportedly making 1 billion won per one-year contract. Aside from his individual work, Kang Daniel also featured in 22 other ad campaigns as a member of Wanna One in the years 2017–2018. He has endorsed brands from various sectors including food and beverage, mobile technology, home decor and appliances, fashion and cosmetics.
Year Brand Industry
2017–2018 Think Nature Hair and body care
2017–2018 The Spring Home Home wear and goods
2018 LAP Korea Fashion (street-style clothing)
2017 (Group) & 2018 Hite Jinro Alcoholic beverage
2018 Bokuk Electronics Home appliances
2018 Kissing Heart Fashion (eyeglasses)
2019 KT Corporation Telecommunications and mobile technology
2019 Subway Korea Food
2019 Calvin Klein Jeans Fashion
2020 Kakao Friends Apeach collaboration merchandise
2020 Pepsi Food
2019–2020 PUMA Korea Fashion (sportswear)
2017 (Group) & 2019–2021 Mexicana Chicken Food
2019–2021 Givenchy Beauty Cosmetics
2020–2021 Icepray Skincare (mist spray)
2021 MERNEL Skincare
2021–ongoing EASTERN FOREST Mask collaboration
2022–ongoing Wonderwall Fashion collaboration
2022–ongoing Bioheal BOH Skincare
Date Brand Type Link
171215 The Spring Home Daniel’s B-Day Store Opening
180106 Think Nature Fanmeeting
180505 The Spring Home Fanmeeting
180526 Think Nature Fansign
181202 Kissing Heart Happy Daniel Day Fanmeeting TWT
181208 Think Nature Fanmeeting
181217 LAP Korea Fansign
190819 KT Corporation ‘Red on Me’ Launching Party TWT
190919 Cartier ‘Juste un Clou’ Pop-Up Boutique Opening
191005 Calvin Klein Jeans Busan CK50 Boutique Event
191119 Calvin Klein Jeans Fansign
191115 Mexicana Chicken Fansign TWT
200914 PUMA Korea Video call fansign IG
200924 Givenchy Beauty Video call fansign IG | NV
201114 Icepray Video call fansign TWT
210501 MERNEL Fansign
210816 MERNEL Fansign
210824 Mexicana Chicken Fanmeeting TWT
220306 Wonderwall Fansign TWT