The Story (LP)

“Upside Down” (title track)

220604 MBC Show! Music Core

220605 SBS Inkigayo HOT STAGE (220529) [s]
220612 SBS Inkigayo HOT STAGE (220605)


“Antidote” (title track)

210420 SBS MTV The Show
210421 MBC Music Show Champion
210423 KBS2 Music Bank
210424 MBC Show! Music Core
210425 SBS Inkigayo

“PARANOIA” (Single)

➝ Part of YELLOW (EP)

210223 SBS MTV The Show
210224 MBC Music Show Champion
210225 Mnet M Countdown
210227 MBC Show! Music Core


“Who U Are” (title track)

200811 SBS MTV The Show
200814 KBS2 Music Bank
200815 MBC Show! Music Core


“2U” (title track)

200331 SBS MTV The Show
200403 KBS2 Music Bank
200404 MBC Show! Music Core
200408 MBC Music Show Champion
200409 Mnet M Countdown

“TOUCHIN'” (Single)

➝ Part of CYAN (EP)

191203 SBS MTV The Show

color on me (EP)

“What are you up to” (title track)

190809 KBS Music Bank

As of 2022, Kang Daniel has achieved 20 music show wins as a soloist, and 49 music show wins as part of Wanna One.
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