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Fashion Magazine Coverage

Ever since his debut, Kang Daniel has frequently been featured on the cover of various magazines. Due to his huge popularity and impact on the public, he has been featured in fashion, lifestyle, and socioeconomic magazines alike, with one milestone being the very first male celebrity to grace the cover of InStyle Korea magazine in 14 years.[s]

Another influential fashion magazine that featured him was Elle Korea, where he graced its cover for two different issues—both in collaboration with famous French luxury brands. For the July 2018 issue, he was featured in Elle Korea x CHANEL, resulting in a tremendous positive response. On June 18, Elle Korea revealed the pre-orders for the respective issue sold out. Elle then proceeded to print additional copies, but these also sold out.[s] In addition, Elle’s Instagram followers reached over 1 million after news of Kang Daniel being on the cover broke. The Global Times China published the Elle Korea July issue sales reached a rare high of 100,000 copies sold that week, and sales numbers were expected to continue growing as fans in other countries including China continued to order the magazine.[s] According to industry sources, this was the first time that a man on the cover of a fashion magazine aimed for women had such huge sales. In September 2018, Gmarket reported its global shop sold 4,000 copies alone.[s] For his second appearance, Kang Daniel worked with Bae Doona as the co-stars of Elle Korea x Louis Vuitton for the April 2019 issue, which became the best-selling issue in 27 years.[s]

In September 2019, Kang Daniel graced the cover of Vogue Korea and Arena Homme+ Korea. The selection of Daniel to front this month’s issue also bears significance to his brand value. The September issue is known as the most important issue of the year in the fashion world. It marks the beginning of a new annual trend for fashion enthusiasts and accounts for the largest part of fashion magazines’ annual advertising revenue.[s] Therefore, becoming a cover model for the September issue is the highest recognition for a model or celebrity in terms of fashion status and commercial value, especially for those who grace the cover of Vogue, which is often revered as the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world.

Daniel was also the very first male celebrity to grace the September issue of Vogue Korea since its inception on August 1996. The honor of this sought-after position was previously exclusive to women. Furthermore, Daniel is the only male featured on the September 2019 issue cover among Vogue’s international editions across the world. This serves as an affirmation that Kang Daniel is indeed an important brand name in the fashion industry. Read more about the Vogue covers here. In addition, Arena Homme+ staff shared that most of the reservations were exhausted upon news of Daniel being on the covers.[s]

The Star‘s June 2020 issue with Daniel was the first time there was a summer special edition since The Star’s inception.[s] Cosmopolitan Korea celebrated its 20th anniversary with the September 2020 issue and remarked on its cover model history. Only a handful of men graced Cosmopolitan Korea covers as those truly loved by women in that era. Daniel graced the October 2019 and 2020 covers.[s]

Daniel became the first male K-pop artist featured on the cover of Chinese fashion magazine Rayli for its January 2021 issue, following Yoona in January 2020 and Krystal in September 2020.


His work with these magazines also extends to activism for important causes. For example, the profit from the Elle magazine July issue was used to purchase 500 trees to be donated for a tree planting project to make the Elle x Kang Daniel Forest. The forest was established in October 2018 and is located in Cheongna International City, Incheon.[s] Another example includes his involvement in Marie Claire and the Letters from Angels campaign led by photographer Cho Seihon, which seeks to foment domestic adoptions and support single mothers by holding a photography exhibition with several known celebrities at the end of every year since 2003 (click here for the full story). Daniel also became the first star to grace the cover of the first issue of Human Aid magazine, whose staff members are mainly developmental disabilities people (DDP). Human Aid magazine’s profits will be used for media education and job creation for DDP.[s] The cover photo was provided by fansite Peach Up, and Daniel’s lawyer participated in a small interview. Daniel’s cover resulted in a magazine production increase from 10,000 to 20,000 copies and became the bestseller on top online bookstores. This wasn’t the only time fans contributed to activism, as fan community DCgall had previously donated 100,000 copies of Kang Daniel’s Elle Korea April issue to various organizations, including colleges and vocational schools for fashion and design students.[s]

In October 2020, Daniel was invited to W Korea‘s 15th anniversary LOVE YOUR W breast cancer awareness campaign ontact event. The invited artists were featured in three December 2020 collage covers: Ahn Sohee, Han Jimin, Han Hyojoo, Jang Yoonjoo, Kim Minjoo, Jang Wonyoung, Henry, Ahn Bohyun, GRAY, Lee Jehoon, Jessica, Krystal, Somi, Seulgi, Park Shinhye, Kang Daniel, Sandara Park, Lim Soojung, Jung Haein, Young Kwangkim, Taemin, Kim Dami, Irene, Park Minyoung, and Cha Eunwoo.

Non-Entertainment Magazine Coverage

Despite his entertainment-oriented career, Kang Daniel has been featured several times in non-entertainment magazines. The most prominent one is Weekly Chosun, a current events magazine known for covering some of the most vital societal and political issues around the world. The magazine was first published on October 20, 1968 by The Chosun Ilbo group, which started its publication business in 1920. Edition #2470 of the magazine, issued for the second week of August 2017, has Kang Daniel on its cover alongside an in-depth feature analyzing his unprecedented popularity among women in their 30s and 40s. This is quite uncommon, as Weekly Chosun normally only puts important political figures, athletes, or CEOs of big enterprises on its covers. During a television interview, an editorial staff member of the magazine revealed that the respective edition is the most sold edition during the time she has worked for the magazine.

Domination in Magazine Cover of the Year 2017

A public poll for the 2017 Magazine Cover of The Year conducted by Kyobo, the largest bookstore chain in South Korea, had 3 out of the 8 nominees featuring Kang Daniel solely as the cover. The three respective covers are Weekly Chosun edition #2470, Weekly Donga edition #1110, and InStyle October 2017 edition. In addition, two other nominees were also related to Kang Daniel, as they featured Wanna One on their covers. These two are 1st Look July 2017 edition and GQ Korea November 2017 edition. In this sense, it could be summarized that his presence in publication media is undoubtedly significant that it dominated the poll.

Fashion Magazines

Other Magazines

2021 Fashion Magazines

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
Rayli (Jan) Article Pictorial/Interview Site Full 1 | 2
Image Behind preview WB
Image Double covers WB 1 | 2 TWT
Image Pictorial WB TWT
Video Gala invitation message N/A WB
Video Behind YT*
Image KONNECT behind NV
1st Look (Feb) Article Pictorial/Interview NV TWT
Image Quadruple covers TWT
Image Pictorial TWT
Video Sketch TWT
Video Interview: Beauty King N/A YT
Video Behind YT
Video Beauty film TWT | YT

Other Pictorials

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
UNIVERSE Image Archaeology TWT 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
| 5 | 6 | 7

2020 Fashion Magazines

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
Marie Claire (Feb) Article Pictorial
Site 1 | 2 | 3
Image Triple covers (all about love & Daniel) IG | TWT | TWT
Image Pictorial IG | TWT
Video Pictorial sketch IG | NTV | YT
Video Greeting message IG | TWT
Video Balloon pop quiz N/A NTV | YT
Video Behind filming vlog N/A NTV | YT
@star1 (May) Article Pictorial/Interview Site 1 | 2
Site 1 | 2
Cuts 1 | 2 / Full
Image Cover (♡2U 다니엘) IG
Image Pictorial IG
Video Greeting message IG
Video Pictorial filming NTV | VL | YT
Video Pictorial behind NTV | VL | YT
Video Cute moments IG
Image KONNECT behind IG
Grazia (May) Article Pictorial/Interview (Daniel Next Door) Site Read Here / Cut / Full 1 | 2
Image Double covers (A Whole New World) IG
Image Pictorial IG
Video Magazine flip through IG
Video Pictorial preview IG
Video Vlog IG | NTV | YT TWT | YT
Video Commentary teaser IG | NTV | YT
Video Commentary IG | NTV | YT TWT | YT
Image KONNECT behind IG
The Star (Jun) Article Pictorial/Interview (Summer Boy) Site 1 | 2 Read Here / Cut / Full 12
Image Double covers (Summer Special) IG | IG | TWT
Image Pictorial IG | IG | TKT | TWT
Video Greeting message
– Chinese version
Video #덕분에챌린지 campaign IG | NTV | TWT | YT TWT
Video Pictorial filming IG | NTV | TKT | YT
Video Photo booth IG | TKT | TWT
Video Interview IG | NTV | TKT | YT TWT
Video Surprise IG | TKT | TWT
Image KONNECT behind IG
W (Jul) Article Pictorial (Matchless Daniel) IG | Site 1 | 2 | TWT
Video Greeting message TKT
Video #StayHappy_W challenge TKT
Video Eye contact IG | TKT
Video Pictorial behind IG | TKT
Video Beauty film IG | TWT
Video Behind IG | TWT YT
Video Makeup IG | TWT | YT
Video Beauty film IG | TWT
Image KONNECT behind IG
The Star (Sep) Article Pictorial (CITY OF MAN) NV TWT
Image Pictorial IG 1 | 2 | 3 | TWT
Video Cover IG | TWT
Image KONNECT behind IG
Cosmopolitan (Oct) Article Pictorial/Interview (Kang Daniel’s Color) Site Cut / Full 1 | 2
Video Teaser IG
Video Cosmo Flex IG
All YT
Video Covers preview (Daniel) IG | IG | TKT
Video Pictorial filming IG | IG | TKT
Video Beauty film IG | IG | TKT
Video JTBC billboard IG
Video Product catalog IG
Video Pictorial behind IG | IG
Video Lipreading IG / IG
Video Drawing IGIG
Image KONNECT behind IG
Video Christmas ad IG
Arena Homme+ (Nov) Article Pictorial/Interview Site Cuts 1 | 2 / Full
Image Triple covers (Kang Daniel) IG | TWT
Paul Smith WB
Image Pictorial preview IG | TWT
Paul Smith WB 1 | 2
Video Cover pictorial preview IG | IG | NTV | TWT | YT
Paul Smith WB
Video Pictorial filming IG | NTV | YT
Paul Smith WB
Video Love or Hate IG | NTV | YT
Video Voice message IG | TWT
Image KONNECT behind IG
W (Dec) A ver. Article Photo wall
Covers (LOVE YOUR W)
Site 1 | 2
Site 1 | 2
Image Cover image IG
Video Random dance TKT
Video Pictorial film IG | TWT | YT
Video Pictorial behind
Video Message IG TWT
Video Filter IG | TKT
Video Moving cover IG
Video Magazine preview IG

Other Pictorials

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
ⓓxV (Mar) Article Editorial Site VL
Image Pictorial (sun) VL VL
Image Pictorial behind VL VL
Video Pictorial filming N/A VL
Image Pictorial (stunning) VL VL
Image Pictorial behind VL | VL VL | VL
Video Pictorial filming N/A VL | VL

2019 Fashion Magazines

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
Elle (Apr) Article Pictorial (A New Masculinity) Site
Image Cover (Switch On) IG
Video Pictorial filming IG | YT
Video LV Twist bag pop-up store info IG | YT
Video LV Twist bag film IG | YT | Site
Arena Homme+ (Sep) Article Pictorial/Interview (Daniel Drawn by Daniel) Site Interview cuts 123
Editor cuts 1234
Image Double covers IGIG
Image Pictorial IG
Video Pictorial filming IG | YT
Video Pictorial filming (Main) IG | YT
Vogue (Sep) Article Pictorial/Interview (King Daniel Kang Daniel) SiteSite Cut / Full 1 | 2
Image Double covers (Surreal But Nice) IG
Image Condé Nast cover TWT
Video Pictorial filming preview YT
Video “What are you up to” performance IG | YT
Video Cats talk N/A YT
Video Pictorial behind YT TWT
Cosmopolitan (Oct) Article Pictorial/Interview (Focus on Daniel) Site Read Here / Cut / Full / Quiz
Video Moving cover IG
Video Vote from 3 covers IG
Video Interview IG | NTV | YT YT
Video Cat model behind IG
Video Magazine flip through IG | YT
Video Pictorial filming IG | NTV | YT
Elle (Oct) Article Pictorial (Kang Daniel’s 40 Shades) Site
Image Pictorial IG
Video Pictorial filming IG | YT
Video Pictorial filming behind IG
Video Magician IG | YT
Video Christmas IG | YT
High Cut (Oct) Article Pictorial/Interview Site Cut / Full parts 1 & 2
Image Cover/Pictorial (24, Kang Daniel) IG 1234
TWT 12
Video Greeting message IG | TWT TWT
Video Pictorial filming IG | TWT
Video Calvin Klein CF ad TWT
Video Ep.1 – “뭐해” read aloud
Ep.2 – “Color” read aloud
Ep.3 – behind vlog
Video 2019 covers recap IG | TWT | YT

Other Pictorials

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
ⓓxV (Nov) Image Pictorial VL | VL VL | VL
Video Pictorial filming VL N/A
Video Interview N/A VL

Fashion Brand Events

Event Source Type Raw Link Translated
190903 Fendi F/W pop-up Cosmopolitan
Video IG
Elle TWT
Various news Video playlist YT
Fendi Image TWT
190919 Cartier ‘Juste Un Clou’ party Arena Homme+
Harpers Bazaar
Marie Claire
Video IG
Various news Video playlist YT
191005 Calvin Klein CK50 pop-up GQ
Video IG
Calvin Klein Image FB

2017–2018 Fashion Magazines

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
InStyle (Oct 2017) Article Pictorial/Interview (Rise Up High) Site Cut / Full
Image Cover (Shine on Daniel) IG
Image Poster IG
Image Pictorial IG
Video Greeting message IG | NTV | YT
Video Pictorial filming (moment) IG | NTV | YT
Video Pictorial filming (time) IG | NTV | YT
Video Pictorial filming (days) IG | NTV | YT
GQ (Jan) Article Pictorial (Me, Myself and Daniel) Site
Video Pictorial IG
Video Magazine flip through IG
Elle (Jul) Article Pictorial/Interview (Shine A Light) Site 12 Full
Video Double covers & Poster (Log Out) IG
Video Pictorial filming preview IG
Video Pictorial filming IG | YT
Video Pictorial behind (Welcome my friend!) IG | YT
Video 2018 covers recap IG | YT
Marie Claire (Dec) Article Interview Site Cut
Image Cover (#Love The Letter From Angels) IG
Video Behind IG | NTV | YT
Cho Seihon’s YT

Other Pictorials

Source Type Details Raw Link Translated
ⓓxV (Nov) Image Comeback pictorial VL VL
Image Thailand pictorial VL VL | VL | VL
ⓓxV (Dec) Image Christmas pictorial VL
Video Christmas behind YT VL
Video Christmas vlog YT VL
Video Dicon pictorial VL | YT N/A
Video Dicon interview YT | YT | YT VL | VL | VL
Video Dicon final teaser VL | YT N/A

Fashion Magazines

Magazine Issue Info Brand
InStyle Korea October 2017 Cover + Fashion Spread + Poster TAG Heuer
GQ Korea January 2018 Cover + Spread
Elle Korea July 2018 Two Covers (A + B) + Spread + Poster CHANEL
Marie Claire Korea December 2018 Special Cover “The Letter From Angels”
(alt cover: Jung Woosung)
Elle Korea April 2019 Cover + Spread
(alt cover: Bae Doona)
Louis Vuitton
Arena Homme+ Korea September 2019 Two Covers + Spread Cartier
Vogue Korea September 2019 Two Covers + Spread
(alt covers: Melany Rivero Bonitto, Sarah Wilson)
Cosmopolitan Korea October 2019 Two Covers + Spread Givenchy Beauty
Elle Korea October 2019 Spread Givenchy Beauty
High Cut October 2019 VOL.249 Four Covers + Spread Calvin Klein
Marie Claire Korea February 2020 Three Covers + Spread Givenchy Beauty
@star1 Magazine May 2020 VOL.98 Cover + Spread
Grazia Korea May 2020 Two Covers + Spread
The Star June 2020 Two Covers + Spread
W Korea July 2020 Spread Givenchy Beauty
The Star September 2020 Cover + Spread Icepray
Cosmopolitan Korea October 2020 Three Covers + Spread Givenchy Beauty
Arena Homme+ Korea November 2020 Three Covers + Spread Paul Smith AW20
W Korea December 2020 Collage Cover A + Spread LOVE YOUR W
Alexander McQueen
Fred Paris
Rayli January 2021 Two Covers + Spread
1st Look February 2021 Four Covers + Spread Givenchy Beauty Perfume

Other Magazines

Magazine Issue Info
Weekly Chosun August 2017 N.2470 Cover Story
Weekly Dongha October 2017 N.1110 Cover + Spread
Women’s Dongha December 2017 Cover + Spread
Topclass January 2018 Cover Story
Women’s Dongha January 2018 Cover (Limited Edition) + Spread
Women’s Dongha February 2018 Cover (Limited Edition) + Spread
Economy Chosun February 2018 Cover + Spread
Asta TV March 2018 N.118 Cover (Daniel) + Spread (Wanna One)
Star Focus April 2018 N.59 Cover (Daniel Type B) + Spread (Wanna One)
Woman’s Dongha April 2018 Cover (Daniel Limited Edition) + Spread (Wanna One)
Asta TV May 2018 N.119 Cover + Spread
Weekly Chosun October 2018 Featured Article[s]
Human Aid Magazine June 2019 Cover + Lawyer Interview

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