color on me

color on me is the debut extended play by Kang Daniel. It was released digitally on July 25, 2019 by KONNECT Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music Korea. The physical album was later released on July 29, 2019. The EP contains five tracks with “뭐해 (What are you up to)” as its lead single and four tracks excluding the “Intro (Through the Night)” having Kang Daniel as one of the lyricists.

color on me is the debut extended play by Kang Daniel. It was released digitally on July 25, 2019 by KONNECT Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music Korea. The physical album was later released on July 29, 2019. The EP contains five tracks with “뭐해 (What are you up to)” as its lead single and four tracks excluding the “Intro (Through the Night)” having Kang Daniel as one of the lyricists.

Track Listing

#   Title Lyrics Music Arrangement
1.  “Intro (Through the Night)” – 1:19 Flow Blow Flow Blow Flow Blow
2.  “Color” – 2:56 Yorkie
Kang Daniel
Devine-Channel Thama
3.  “뭐해 (What are you up to)” – 3:02 Yorkie
Kang Daniel
Devine-Channel Thama Devine-Channel
4.  “Horizon” – 2:36 Yorkie
Kang Daniel
Devine-Channel Thama Devine-Channel
5.  “I HOPE” – 3:07 Kang Daniel
Flow Blow
Flow Blow Flow Blow

At his debut showcase with the press on July 25, Kang Daniel talked about the process of making color on me. “I wanted to meet the fans as soon as possible. That’s why I decided to make an EP instead of a full-length album that would have taken much longer. So I would be satisfied if fans just listen and enjoy my music.” He continued, “The album’s concept was inspired by the second track ‘Color’ a lot. I thought it would be great if my unique color can captivate many people. I want to open up my infinite potential and show my diversity.”

Regarding his contribution as a lyricist, Daniel said, “I always thought writing lyrics was difficult. I received lot of inspiration from watching films and reading my fans’ words. I received lots of support in the fancafe through fans’ comments and letters. The product of this is the fifth track ‘I Hope’, which talks about what I hope. I want to tell the fans not to worry.” He finished the Q&A saying, “Ultimately as an artist, I want to become a person who gives hope. Through my songs and performances, I want people to receive hope.”[s]

In an interview with Star Maker from July 31, Devine Channel’s CEO and producer Kei Lim (Im Kwangwook) shared what it was like to work with Kang Daniel for his solo debut album. The producer and Daniel met for the first time during the show Produce 101 Season 2, when Lim produced the concept evaluation track “Open Up”. Lim said, “Kang Daniel was really passionate about making his own music. It wasn’t a smooth process to create music with him because he’s very ambitious and has his own opinions. Ever since we started working on the album, we saw each other almost everyday. We talked about music, recorded it, and kept fixing it. [He] was able to complete the album within such a short time because he focused solely on producing the album and didn’t allow himself any personal time. It was seriously no joke. His passion is at the level of TVXQ’s Yunho’s.”[s]

When talking about his contribution and Kang Daniel’s creative control, Lim said, “As it is Kang Daniel’s own album, the extent of support I provided was mostly with the technical side of creating the album, but as a whole the artist controlled its direction and message. Of course we talked about music genres, but he put in the story of what he wanted to convey to his fans through this album. He also wrote me long messages with lyrics via messenger. While talking a lot with him and the album’s direction, his own colors were added in.”[s]

Lastly, he shared that as a person, Kang Daniel is straight-forward and genuine. “You can tell that he wants to show his sincerity to others. It’s quite manly. He has that manliness of a Gyeongsangdo man. He makes you comfortable just after seeing him once or twice. Even as a guy, I can see the charm he has. He’s also really easy-going.”[s] [s]

On January 10, 2020 in the behind the story show One Music One Story hosted by Park Geun-tae, producer Kei Lim further shared, “When Kang Daniel first came to the studio, due to lack of time we selected some good songs from Devine Channel’s library, then arranged and put the melody in. It was really done in a short of time, but as Daniel was so passionate, three songs were completed in a week and a half, then recorded right after.”[s] [s]

Kang Daniel held two debut showcases on July 25 at YES24 Live Hall, one for the press (4 PM) and one for the fans (8 PM). Despite not being able to freely promote on TV due to his legal dispute with former agency LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel won his first music show trophy as a soloist with the title song “뭐해 (What are you up to)” on KBS2’s Music Bank on August 9.

After holding fan signs in Gwangju, Daejeon, Busan, Daegu, Yeouido and Sangam between July 31 and August 3, Kang Daniel kicked off his fan meeting tour ‘color on me’ on August 16 with stops in Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Seoul. The official poster for the Seoul special titled ‘Color on Seoul’ dropped on October 21. The last stop of the tour would feature a two-day fanmeeting on November 23-24 and a special exhibition on November 22-24, all held at Ilsan in KINTEX.

In between tour stops, mu:fully performance videos of “뭐해 (What are you up to)” and “I HOPE” were posted in early September. Daniel performed his ‘color on me’ tracks for his first general public event at the 2019 Busan One Asia Festival on October 25.

On November 30, Kang Daniel attended and performed “뭐해 (What are you up to)” and his latest digital release “TOUCHIN'” at the 2019 MelOn Music Awards held in Gocheok Sky Dome. That night he was also awarded in the category Best Music Video for “뭐해 (What are you up to)”.

Entertainment Taiwan revealed on December 20 that Kang Daniel’s ‘Color on Me’ fan meeting in Taiwan ranked 2nd place in the list of Top 10 Korean Stars Fan Meetings of 2019 (December 16, 2018 – December 15, 2019). The event gathered 3,000 fans with a revenue of 13 million TWD.[s]

As of January 2020, color on me has sold more than half a million copies, becoming Sony Music’s 5th most sold album globally between July and September (calendar Q3, but Sony’s fiscal Q2).[s]

In South Korea, Kang Daniel broke three records in the history of Hanteo chart: highest first-day sales for a soloist with 342,218 copies, highest initial sales for a soloist in just three days with 400,000 copies, and highest first-week sales for a soloist with 460,000 copies . It also received a Double Platinum certification from Gaon (South Korea’s national chart). At the end of 2019, Gaon placed the album at seventh place for its Year-End South Korean Albums chart.[s]

Title song “뭐해 (What are you up to)” debuted at number one on iTunes in sixteen countries, reaching twenty the next day. This prompted the album to debut in second place on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart.[s]

There is more to the music video than meets the eye, and it is full of symbolism.

A reporter wrote his interpretation of the music video in a blog. The video is a reflection of Daniel’s worries as a new solo singer under his own agency. Another person analyzing the video had an interpretation centered around communication. In the beginning of the video, card pyramids are collapsed and a plush chair upturned, as if to signify that his Produce 101 past is no longer applicable. Daniel’s ability to communicate has been closed off. Many light ping pong balls drown Daniel, which could represent careless worries or words covering him. The water level decreasing in the glasses could represent his decreasing hope. Cameras are placed away from him, and TVs do not show him. The stack of yellow papers he sits on could be a reference to yellow journalism since he became a target of malicious articles since his legal dispute. He is displayed as a small figure in the midst of other hobbies with the clock’s hands pointing to 3:30 (March is when his legal conflict heightened). Daniel is shown trying to communicate through his available means, but his phone is disconnected. There is only a narrow path and one small lit door where he could go through among closed doors surrounding him.[s] [s] [s] [s]

On November 30, the music video for “뭐해 (What are you up to)” won Best Music Video at the Melon Music Awards 2019.[s]


Album (Peak Charts Positions)
[Gaon] [Oricon]
1 23 KOR: 500,134
JPN: 2,324…..
Tracks (Peak Charts Positions)
Title Korea
[Gaon] [2]
K-pop Hot 100
“Intro (Through the Night)” #139
“Color” #111 #3
“뭐해 (What are you up to)” #15 #1
“Horizon” #127
“I HOPE” #110 #2
Tracks (Realtime Debut)
Title MelOn Genie Mnet Bugs Naver Soribada Flo
“Intro (Through the Night)” #25 #20 #15 #8 #31 #47
“Color” #20 #16 #12 #4 #2 #16 #42
“뭐해 (What are you up to)” #4 #7 #3 #1 #1 #7 #19
“Horizon” #21 #19 #19 #5 #27 #54
“I HOPE” #23 #21 #22 #7 #29 #59

Source: MelOn  |  instiz iChart

“뭐해 (What are you up to)” had 266,153 unique listeners on MelOn in the first 24 hours with a ratio of 70.1% female and 29.9% male. Age demographics were as follows: 14% 10s, 40% 20s,  23% 30s, 14% 40s, 4% 50s and 5% 60s.

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