CYAN is the second extended play and first mini album by Kang Daniel. It was released on March 24, 2020 by KONNECT Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music Korea. The EP contains five tracks with “2U” as its lead single. “Touchin'” was pre-released in 2019 and included in the EP.

CYAN is the second extended play and first mini album by Kang Daniel. It was released on March 24, 2020 by KONNECT Entertainment and distributed by Sony Music Korea. The EP contains five tracks with “2U” as its lead single. “Touchin'” was pre-released in 2019 and included in the EP.

Track Listing

#   Title Lyrics Music Arrangement
1.  “Adulthood” – 3:05 Dvwn (다운)
Kang Daniel
Dvwn (다운)
2.  “2U” – 3:15 Chancellor
Jin Hohyun
Chancellor Chancellor
3.  “Jealous” – 3:30 JQ
Jung Ilkwon
Rajan Muse
Jan Baars
Jacob Aaron
Rajan Muse
Jan Baars
4.  “Interview” – 3:21 Noday
Park Moonchi
Park Moonchi
Park Moonchi
5.  “Touchin'” – 3:05 JQ
Shin Sae Rom (makeumine works)
Kang Eun Yoo
Laurent Wilthien
Jean-Noel Wilthien
Matthieu Tosi
Nick McKerl
Logan Lee Turner
Ryan S. Jhun
Royale Avenue
Ryan S. Jhun

Daniel described his colors trilogy project as the process of finding his true colors and CYAN as the “first button” in that process. With CYAN he wanted to project positive energy and put his dreams, passion, and challenges into the clear and fresh color of cyan. He took part in the process of making the album from track selection to choosing the themes, as he believes he’s the only person who truly knows what he’s good at. He also took part in the choreography and was involved in the production of his music video.[s] [s]

In an interview with Grazia Korea, Daniel was asked about the goal of this first installment. He responded that the album was released shortly after his break, so he wanted the songs to be enjoyable to listen to. Just hearing that his songs were good meant he achieved his goals. CYAN was about new songs, and the next album in the trilogy encompasses what he is good at.[s]

The lead single’s name is a play on the English meaning “to you” and the literal Korean pronunciation “reason” (이유, iyu) since “two” is also read as 이. “2U” contains a message to a weary or lonely person running after their dreams: There are those who stay by your side who love you because you are you.[s]

“2U” was written and composed by Korean-American artist Chancellor with Daniel in mind. Even during Chancellor’s initial working stages with the song, Daniel thought it matched him well. He described “2U” as a mix of pop and hip-hop with a “gentle and comfortable” sound and a “warm song like the sunny spring weather”.[s] He recommended “2U” as a car drive song. As part of Grazia Korea‘s May cover story, Daniel was asked if there was a specific reason for choosing groovy title tracks such as “2U” despite others thinking of him as an artist with powerful, strong performances. He replied that he wanted to show what he is capable of step-by-step to heighten the sense of tension.

In his Pops in Seoul interview, he confessed “2U” was not the title track at first. His comeback in winter was postponed due to personal reasons. After considering what song would match freshness, “2U” was selected. “Jealous” was the last song included in the album, but Daniel thought it was the most fitting with CYAN. He introduced “Jealous” as “hanging out with friends at night” and looking so happy that it makes people jealous.[s] [s] He liked “Interview” the best since he thought the song and his voice matched well.[s]

Daniel began promotions by previewing “2U” on the March 22 episode of Running Man. His comeback show aired on Mnet and M2 channels on March 24 at 8 PM KST. As part of KANGDANIEL COMEBACK SHOW CYAN, Daniel performed his title track “2U”, “Jealous”, “Touchin'”, and “Adulthood” and prepared various behind the scenes content. Daniel became the second male soloist after Rain to have an exclusive comeback show. No media showcase was held due to COVID-19. During the two weeks of promotions, he performed on all music shows for the first time since his solo debut and also appeared in radio shows Idol Radio, Volume Up, and Choi Hwajung’s Power Time.

KONNECT and Daniel ramped up online promotions. They started a #kangdaniel2u challenge on TikTok and randomly gave away signed albums to those who participated. The challenge gained traction on TikTok, and other stars participated, including Wanna One member Jinyoung and Stacey Ohiane, the main female lead in his music video. There were also gifts for streaming proof events. DANITY were wowed by the quality of the surprise gift and gave it the nickname Dani Box (다니박스 danibakseu).

“2U” took first place on five music shows: The Show on March 31, Music Bank on April 3, Show! Music Core on April 4, Show Champion on April 8, and M Countdown on April 9. He won his fifth trophy despite not appearing on M Countdown that week.

CYAN surpassed 260,000 physical album sales within a week. According to Hanteo Chart’s first quarter 2020 data, CYAN had the highest cumulative first-week sales by a soloist and the fourth highest first-week sales among all Q1 albums. Daniel also achieved a Gaon triple crown by topping the album, download, and BGM weekly charts.[s] [s] [s]

“2U” is Daniel’s first top ten single on the Gaon Digital Chart, peaking at #7. According to the Korea Music Content Association, he achieved a Gaon triple crown during the thirteenth week of 2020. This was attributed to “2U” ranking first in the download and BGM charts. “2U” also topped Gaon monthly charts for March 2020 by ranking #1 for downloads and #15 in the BGM chart.

Upon release, the album topped the iTunes Top Album charts in at least 9 different regions, including Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines. It also made it into the top 10 in a number of other countries, including Japan (where it reached No. 5) and Russia (No. 7). CYAN also soared to No. 1 on iTunes Top K-Pop Albums charts in at least 12 different regions, including Canada, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines. It also hit No. 2 in the United States, No. 6 in Spain, No. 7 in the United Arab Emirates, and No. 9 in Saudi Arabia.[s] [s] The album debuted at No. 5 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart.[s]

After Daniel spent a week in Portland, Oregon during mid-February to film for Hello, Daniel, his team traveled to Los Angeles, California to shoot the album jacket photos and music video. The music video was filmed in one day at the 1930s Los Angeles Theatre. Daniel said in his MTV interview, “I think the inspiration and the vibe of this place is well connected to the concept of the song and to me.” The filming location excited the self-proclaimed film buff since he felt like he was in a movie. During Idol Radio, Daniel revealed that “2U” was inspired from dance movies such as Step Up with a dance team. In his Show Champion interview, he said his favorite scene to film was when he danced together with his dancers. During the filming, American rapper KYLE went to visit him since his sister is a big fan.

The music video synopsis KONNECT sent to KBS for approval was: Kang Daniel started a part-time job at a theater because he likes the stage. A music video teaser emulating a movie poster had onscreen credits with all staff involved. The music video was directed by VM Project Architecture and involved an outsourced US crew. Form of Therapy’s video producer pointed out in their “2U” review that the music video direction deviated from how typical K-pop music videos are filmed. K-pop music videos opt for a faster shutter speed with a higher frame rate, such as 30 or higher FPS for digital videos. PD estimated “2U” to be shot at 24 FPS for film, which is evident during dance scenes due to the motion blur.[s]


Album (Peak Charts Positions)
1 KOR: 266,176
Tracks (Peak Charts Positions)
Title Korea
Kpop Top 100
“2U” #7 #81
Tracks (Realtime Debut)
Title MelOn Genie Bugs VIBE Soribada Flo
“Adulthood” #22
“2U” #38 #8 #5 #1
“Jealous” #94 #17
“Interview” #99 #19
“Touchin'” #23

Source: MelOn  |  instiz iChart

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