Translation: (take out with full credits) | Source: Naver (OSEN) 2018.08.02

[OSEN News = reporter Jeong Jiwon] ‘Kang Daniel Sunglasses’ will be released.

Eyewear brand Kissing Heart announced on August 2, “Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, who shines at the top of the Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Ranking of 2018, has been selected as the sole model for the Kissing Heart sunglasses.”

As evidenced by the existence of the Kang Daniel Syndrome, Kissing Heart will showcase a variety of Kang Daniel goods along with the eyewear products, as everything he wears or mentions becomes a hot item.

The sunglasses are stylishly designed with lenses in subtle hues of colors. The steel sunglasses deliver a sophisticated look with elegant colors that are not too flashy or burdensome like traditional mirrored sunglasses.

Kissing Heart said, “The Kang Daniel sunglasses can show a trendy and sophisticated image without falling behind in fashion or being excessive.” They added, “It will be possible to produce multiple styles with realistic experimental designs and unique sense.”

Meanwhile, Kissing Heart is scheduled to open limitedly in 20 locations across the country and will hold various events.