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The one who films and edits the Kang Daniel focus cams so fantastically is LIFTOFF films.
Watching the Golden Hands’ YouTube…
I am losing my soul again through Kang Daniel’s focus cam. 😭😭😭😭😭

In Wanna One performance at #BusanOneAsiaFestival, Kang Daniel definitely took over the stage.
His presence on stage is unrivaled. You cannot take your eyes off of him.

Roll.D Seonsaengnim’s* work! Please edit Kang Daniel’s music video!! (T/N: *Teacher and Nim are how OPs always address the fansites, with Nim being an honorific term to address another respectfully)

One choreographer who is currently active and an expert in dance had this to say:
In this country, there are two dancers who are excellent. One who is powerful, has a strong core and does not fall apart easily, and constantly practices is Bi (Rain). The other dances instinctively and is gentle and flexible. He dances with feeling, and that is Taeyang from Big Bang. The choreographer evaluated that the person who has all of the attributes of both of these great dancers is Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel
Every time he stands on stage for the same choreography, he gives a slight change in the details during his part. This is done through much study. The reason why the choreographer searches and watches Kang Daniel focus cams is because he wants to see what kind of changes he gives to the details…

Kang Daniel is younger than him, but he feels like Daniel is older in experience. Regarding dancing, he has a sense unlike anyone. Compared to others his age, the way he studies his dance is beyond them. He has an innate sexiness coupled with extreme ethics in practice, which are Kang Daniel’s superior weapons. He is curious to see how Daniel will evolve in the future…

This is what I heard from a professional choreographer in spring… There were more professional discussions, but communicating them would be hard. The most memorable topics are as above. I hope I delivered them well…

There could be some professional differences, so I will not permit any attacks. 😊

In reality, I lack professional knowledge regarding dancing. However, even when I watch, Kang Daniel’s dance line is different than others. He of course has beautiful and long physical lines, but the way he changes his expression depending on the songs for sure is different and has something other artists do not have. He is powerful yet elegant, modern/hip but trendy, and he is beyond sexy and cute… It makes one crazy. In one word, his dance line is A.MA.ZING!!!

There is one person who overlaps with him… the figure skating legend Kim Yuna. Her ability to express herself through music can’t be beat. Kim Yuna’s legendary performances are “Les Miserables,” “007,” George Gershwin’s “Piano Concerto in F,” “Danse Macabre,” “Imagine,” “Adios Nonino,” etc.

Personally, when I watch Kang Daniel, I keep thinking of Kim Yuna (overlaps in my mind), and when I see Kim Yuna, I overlap her with Kang Daniel. The two have their body, style, talent, character, and willpower in common…^^

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In 2019
I will be dying in wait for Kang Daniel’s solo stage
Kang Daniel’s evolution
Like Kang Daniel
Made by Kang Daniel
I want to see that kind of stage.
When I imagine it…
I am so happy!!!!

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ps)) On December 12th for Kang Daniel’s birthday, I am thinking of meeting with fans at a cafe in Gangnam and getting together (mostly talking) and having a birthday party. I will plan and let you know ^^