Naver Blog: Story Blossom 2018.10.31 | Translation: @happydanielfan | (take out with full credits)

Ah, with this, Binggrae is a very happy business. Out of Super Brand Kang Daniel’s mouth pours out many products from Binggrae, and seriously~ he eats them with such happiness.


During MBC’s Outrageous Roommates, Kang Daniel was drinking banana milk. According to rumors, after the show aired many netizens who watched the show went to their neighborhood convenience stores and bought a lot of banana milk due to Daniel.

The way he is trying to drink the banana milk… his focused expression… kook kook* cuteness overload. (T/N: *onomatopoeia, as it sounds like you’re poking something)

Exactly like the Prince of Mukbang*, with his whole body… earnestly and with gusto, he drinks the banana milk ㅋㅋ If I were Binggrae’s president, I would make this into a TV commercial right away! Model for banana milk. Nothing can be more perfect than this! (T/N: *Eating shows that are quite popular in Korea where a person records videos of themselves eating)

#KangDanielHappyTogether (T/N: not the show)

As he moves to the tune of “Ko Ko Bop” that Xiumin hyung turned on for him, he dances and captures the bugs happily… Happily eating Binggrae’s Together ice cream, Kang Daniel eats it so deliciously.

The scale of eating ice cream with a bap* spoon… This person is superstar Kang Daniel. The combination of Nation’s Idol Kang Daniel with Nation’s Ice Cream is so~~desirable ^^ (T/N: *Koreans call the spoon bap spoon, or rice spoon. Bap also means “food,” meaning he’s using a large spoon to eat ice cream ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)


Super Cone’s model is Wanna One. Any Super Cone with Kang Daniel’s photo gets bought out by fans, so it’s hard to find ㅠㅠ For the person who wants it after you, leave at least one~~please 😭😭

As long as my freezer can take it, I can buy more, more, more. Please make a lot more of the Kang Daniel ice cream!!


During Kang Daniel’s V LIVE, he mentioned eating Pangtoa ‘Cookie & Cream’ for breakfast when he woke up. Therefore, I’m sure Binggrae was laughing out loud ㅋㅋㅋ

Due to Kang Daniel, Pangtoa searches/verification were no joke* on SNS ㅋㅋㅋ Binggrae is definitely a beneficiary of Kang Daniel. (T/N: She wrote *jangnananidanyel, which means “no joke” and has Niel positioned at the end for fun. Normally, it would be nae at the end. Because of Daniel, many people put Nyel/Niel at the ending of Korean words instead of nae)

In the midst of this warmth and fuzziness, how about we immediately make Kang Daniel the model for banana milk next year? The chemistry between the two is dreamy…😭

Binggrae is smiling brightly due to Kang Daniel. Respond to Kang Daniel’s fans with good news please. ^^ Binggrae will experience corporate bankbook ripping with all the money that’ll be earned with Kang Daniel in commercials. Hmmm, hmmm.