Naver Blog: Story Blossom 2018.10.31 | Translation: @happydanielfan | (take out with full credits)

When I saw this, I laughed for a while. It appears to be an elementary school classroom…
How much have the students said “Kang Daniel, Kang Daniel”?
The teacher’s sense 👍👍

Look at Books
Like You’re Looking at Kang Daniel

Businesses should focus like they are looking at Kang Daniel!
You should focus on your diet like you are looking at Kang Daniel!

Kang Daniel’s content with the public is going viral due to its entertaining and issue making factors in addition to being helpful.

Near the store that I work at, there is an art academy.
The students made Iron Man’s suit and put Daniel’s face on it ㅋㅋ
Nowadays, even kindergarteners to elementary school students like Kang Daniel.

As time passes, Kang Daniel’s popularity encompasses all age groups.
You can verify this when you look at the blog’s graph of the age groups, and it is quite surprising. 🤭

Among kindergarten to elementary school students, I hear he is the most popular now.
In reality, he is known as Chotongnyeong. (T/N: *Daetongnyeong means “President.” Chotongnyeong means “President of Elementary School Students” and references choding, Daniel’s nickname)
When you look at Seola from SeolSuDae*, you can see what that is ㅋㅋㅋ
(T/N: *The three Lee siblings Seola, Sua, and Sian (nicknamed Daebak) from The Return of Superman)

Ddeora-ya*… Uncle Kang Daniel said you are cute. 🤣
(T/N: *Daebak/Sian could not pronounce Seola, so he used to call her Ddeora)

Honestly, Kang Daniel is so famous ㅋㅋ

A family came in at a store. There was a girl about 10 years old, and she was hugging a Wanna One album. While her mother was shopping for clothes, she was in the corner looking at the album and petting Kang Daniel and throwing him air kisses. When I asked, “Do you like Kang Daniel?” she must have felt embarrassed at having being caught that she hid behind her father. I was working so I couldn’t say anything more, but I almost died from her cuteness ㅠㅠ

In reality, when kids see something pretty and cute, they pet it without thinking…
They instinctively show affection.
The girl who petted Kang Daniel’s picture was naturally…. really cute😊
Kang Daniel is really beautiful, right? 😊
Children are naturally honest. 🤣

I gave a cookbook written in English with a child on the cover as a present to my sunbae. (T/N: *an older friend from school or work)
She told me that when they were eating, her youngest daughter brought the book and said the child’s face on the cover is pretty and was gently petting it. I remembered that we laughed about it. Young kids for sure like things that are pretty 🤣

Popular lecture, school project, school exam… the reason Kang Daniel appears in these is perhaps to help the teachers who have bored students and students taking exams in a small way.

In reality, the stationary stores for elementary school students do not have enough Kang Daniel goods to sell.
I am laughing aloud at the stationary store owner’s sense 😆 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(T/N: She’s laughing at what is written under Wanna One and Kang Daniel goods in the store.
Left: “Who cares about a boyfriend? Honestly, isn’t Wanna One the best?”
Right: “Take me, Kang Daniel!!”)

Kang Daniel, who is called Top of the Top, is being called Chotongnyeong more and more as time goes by.
His popularity is huge with cute and innocent children.
Kang Daniel will definitely become a great role model for them in many ways.

I strongly nominate Kang Daniel as a role model for Korea’s children and youth!!!
Kang Daniel, fighting!!
Children of Korea, fighting!!
Youth of Korea, fighting!!

ps)) Korean children’s discernment regarding people is quite high ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There is hope for Korea’s future. Proud.