These Days Kang Daniel Is Crazy Handsome

Translation: @happydanielfan | (take out with full credits) | Original Post: 2018.12.26

I believe these days he is crazy.

(T/N: Koreans use “crazy” to define someone who is out of this world good looking, beautiful or handsome. They would say Kang Daniel is crazy to describe how he is indescribably good looking)

The color of red bean paste J N* suits him well (T/N: *Korean bad word equivalent to the F word they use a lot!)

This was taken by a non-fan who was so taken with his looks, she took the picture. Ah… I totally understand.



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They dressed him with jin jin ja ra* clothes, but I am so shocked there is not a single criticism.

(T/N: “Jin Jin Ja Ra” was a hit song sung by Tae Jin Ah, meaning they put on clothes similar to what Tae Jin Ah would wear is my take on it. He always wears bright colored, cheesy and gaudy clothes)

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I really like the way he laughsㅠㅠ


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His hands are also pretty.

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This is a capture from a video, and doesn’t his great physical looks like it is ripping through the low image quality?ㅋㅋ Even if his face was not showing, you can easily tell he is Kang Daniel just by looking at his body.


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He is R A* super crazy (T/N: *again using an acronym for Real)

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Whatever he wears and whatever color he puts on, he looks good in everything ~ He looks great and uniquely good looking. The coordi must be excited to put clothes on him.


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The price of his good looks. The price of his proportions.


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The effect of Kang Daniel on clothes (T/N: normally it’s the other way around hehe)


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I was so shocked when I saw this photo.


The Photo Taken by a Non-Fan Because She Was So Surprised by Daniel in Real Life

Translation: @happydanielfan | (take out with full credits) | Original Post: 2018.12.26

I just took this without thinking because Kang Daniel in real life is so surprising.
I just took the picture… If you like Kang Daniel, please look. [source]

SBS Gayo Daejeon photos/GIFs

He lit his phone light and showed his face to his fans because he thought they could not see him when he was leaving the venue due to the tinted car windows. I will end with this sweet GIF.



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How is he able to look good in the ddeokbokki* outfit? I am on my knees!

(T/N: *ddeokbokki is the spicy rice cake dish that is super red and personally my favorite snack and practically all of S. Koreans and Koreans all over the world. Seriously not exaggerating)


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The true Kang Daniel in real life and his physical in phone pics


ㅇㅇ 2018.12.26 22:20 | 153 upvotes

I captured it while watching his focus-cam ㅜㅜㅜㅜ


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This red suit looking good on him is unreal and makes his light skin look even more white


ㅇㅇ 2018.12.27 11:31 | 64 upvotes

R A the non-fan put it all on the line because of Kang Daniel in real life. I mean his face is a great face, but his physical is the best. I happened to be lucky and saw Wanna One when they were active on shows, and Kang Daniel takes all the attention.

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Really, his physical is daebak!!!!

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Look at this ㅠㅠ Seriously, he is trying to kill someone.


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J N handsome…physical…ha ㅠ on my knees.


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Kang Daniel’s physical in real life GIF