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Did you see Daniel’s solo stage at MAMA in Hong Kong? At first I just watched it thinking, “It’s pretty hot.”

But to see it in reverse beginning with “Spring Breeze” and to see it end with “Energetic,”
I realized the history was reversed ㅠㅠ

What is amazing is that when you see the choreography in reverse, you can actually see it better.
I believe he danced with that in mind.

If you focus, you can see he is doing the “Spring Breeze” gestures with his fingers and then reverses the hands on the clock, and that is the hint!! He is going in reverse.

Here in the dark background of the MAMA stage reverse playback GIF,
the first title “Energetic” is the ending of the MAMA performance.

He danced in reverse in this performance (Everything is a bit changed)

You can also see “Beautiful”

He performed this part in reverse. When you see it like that, you can see it better in reverse.

This is “Boomerang”

This and the wave part are from “Light” (He had another part where he extends his arms, but he was not able to add it ㅠ)

And the part where he extends his right arm is “Spring Breeze”

Afterwards on GongCa, he wrote that he put in their choreography to date.
“Rather than showing my showmanship, I wanted to do something I can think about with Wannables and remember with them. I wanted to deliver a story. I hope Wannables really liked the performance,” said Daniel ㅜㅜ

He didn’t just perform the solo stage powerfully and ended it. He did it with Wannables in mind.
He reversed history and gave a meaningful stage as a gift. It was surprising, and I felt really grateful.

Also, congratulations to Wanna One for winning the Male Group award at the 2017 and 2018 MAMA Awards.
I will always cheer for all 11 members.


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Heol, when I see his fingers, I can see the clock hands going backwards. I didn’t know… I mean, how does he dance backwards and do reverse playback choreography for us to see? It’s so amazing.. When I saw the solo stage, I thought of these lyrics from one of their songs: “Don’t forget us”~ When I saw the reverse playback, I thought it meant that here is another beginning ㅠㅠㅠ There was not much stage setup, but you can feel his presence. The way he expressed himself was really astounding.


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His stage costume was meaningful as well. His jumpsuit made you think of “Beautiful.” The handkerchief on his waist reminded you of “Energetic,” and his glove was from “Boomerang.” Kang Daniel is impressive.


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Wannables, thank you so much.
Did you enjoy Wanna One’s stage?

And I thought you may be curious about my solo choreography ㅋㅋ
I purposely put in choreography parts we have done in the past, and I emphasized a lot of the points from our stage outfits into what I wore today.
Rather than showing my skills in dancing or showing my showmanship, I wanted to do a storytelling about something Wannables and I can share and remember together. It would make me happy if Wannables enjoyed it ㅎㅎ

I also wanted to say Davin-hyung from Look Studio helped me a lot so that I was able to do a good choreography in such a short time. Thank you so much.

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The solo stage in and of itself showed Daniel’s powerful yet gentle dance lines. He showed meaningful storytelling from memories of Wanna One and Wannables. I was so touched by it. Also, the reverse version of his dance line did not fall apart. I was impressed with his skills.


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I can’t say that I am a fan, as I usually only see fancams of Kang Daniel. I can’t say he is the best in the world, but his expressions are really good. He does not overdo it but delivers well. Also, his dance line from his fingers to his toes is beautiful. He could have just done it halfheartedly and danced without effort, but he tries to dance by showing off a beautiful dance line. Seriously, the camera at MAMA moved around like it was drunk and could not capture all of his artistry. However, when you see the fancams, you can see it… The power, tenderness, and delicacy all came together, and I really love Kang Daniel’s dance. I feel that he is underrated due to his big popularity.

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Ging-yi (T/N: cute Daniel), you did well clapping~~~~


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He does not dance like he’s saying “I dance really well, right?” on the stage, but he is telling a story to Wannables as a gift to them. There was no fanfare or grandness, but only with his body alone he filled the stage. It made me feel so touched due to many different meanings.

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Watching it without knowing the true meaning gave me goosebumps, and watching it knowing the meaning gave me goosebumps… You really cannot not like Kang Daniel.


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Really, I am not a fan, and I watched yesterday’s stage without much thought. I saw that the performance represented a reverse playback, so I rewatched the solo stage more carefully and really got goosebumps. Seriously, I believe Kang Daniel is a genius.

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I saw it on Twitter, and the reaction from international fandoms was really good… You were fantastic.

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Kang Daniel, you really are a dummy for your fans* (T/N: when one is really into someone, Koreans say they are “dumb” for them). Rather than showing his showmanship with his skills alone, he gave a story to his fans for them to remember. This is why I am shedding tears. I am so thankful, and you are so lovable. I am so proud of my artist.

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You shined without any special stage setup or spotlight. You did that hard stage all alone. I will always remember that Kang Daniel, you are the best.