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Who knows the meaning of buncheol*??
Buncheol is…
According to the dictionary, it means to organize documents/files…
In the fandom world, it means to receive albums, take your bias’s goods, and then trade/give away the other members’ goods.

A short while ago, Kang Daniel came into GongCa (fancafe), posted selfies of himself and pictures of Ori (one of the four cats he is raising), and said he is doing buncheol. (I think Niel comes into GongCa and is very interested in what Wannables post and the fandom terms used, so he is curious and also wants to act like he knows the terminology ㅋㅋ

Once in a while the members come in and ask fans what the terms mean)

The fans thought his post was so cute, and they all wanted to buncheol with him. Then someone asked
“In truth, you don’t really know what buncheol means??” like that…
And his answer was ㅋㅋㅋ

Fan: Oppa, you really don’t know what buncheol means, do you? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Tell us the truth. You don’t know what buncheol means.

Daniel: Bunmyeonghago cheoljeohi pabnida (T/N: meaning “clearly and thoroughly sells” so he took the two acronyms bun and cheol and made up a new fandom term! hahahaha!!!)

When Wannables saw the answer, they went crazy over how cute it was.
Everyone said ogoo ogoo** our Niel-yi (T/N: cute sounds made to a baby)
If you meant to say buncheol that way, then your buncheol is correct…
From now on we need to change the meaning of buncheol in the dictionary and play alongㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
And from then on Wannables said they will jikgeorae*** with Daniel at the concert in Gocheok Sky Dome, and fans went crazyㅋㅋㅋ
(T/N: jikgeorae is short for jikjeob georae, meaning to deal with the seller directly)

When Daniel heard all this, he answered…ㅋ

Fan: Only deal directly with the seller… If I don’t deal directly with the person who is selling, it’s too risky ㅠ
(T/N: meaning she wants to deal directly with Daniel ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

Daniel: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋYou’re overreachingㅋㅋㅋ How can I find you among 20,000 Wannables?

And then came this post: “Oppa, do you know what eoljug keo* is?”
(T/N: means “Even if I freeze, I only wear a coat”)

Daniel: Eoleo jugeodo mukgoshipeun kodari or “Even if I freeze to death, I want to eat kodari*”
(T/N: Meaning dried pollock, so he took the eoljug keo from the above sentence and made a new term ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)


“Do you know neo ggi don*???” (T/N: neo ggillaemyeon don nae or “If you wanna come along, you have to pay”)

The original meaning is “If you want to be included, you need to pay,” a fandom term to emphasize that when you stan, you need to spend a lot of money. Apparently Wannables made up the term… I read somewhere that they are the original inventors of the term (I just found this out). (T/N: It was actually Sungwoon who said this during Wanna One Go)

And Daniel responded with…

Daniel: If you keep flirting, I’m going to give you money!

Ha ah… my heart ㅜㅜ
He changed all the fandom termsㅋㅋㅋ
If Kang Daniel says so, then it is what it is.




ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 09:15 | 174 upvotes

If you keep flirting, I’ll give you money ㅋㅋㅋ Kang Daniel, tell me your bank account number.


ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 13:50 | 162 upvotes

ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ Should we pretend not to know because he’s so cute?


Daniel: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are all making fun of me..

ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 10:36 | 149 upvotes

If you keep flirting, I’ll give you money ㅋㅋㅋ Kang Daniel, tell me your bank account number. [#22]


ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 14:50 | 59 upvotes

I’m not a fan, but how come you guys have so much fun playing with your singer? It makes me envious ㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 13:01 | 57 upvotes

His profile pic is so cute. I’m going to go crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(He uploaded the dictionary’s meaning of buncheol as his profile pic ㅋㅋㅋ)


ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 12:46 | 54 upvotes

Eoljuga* is cute tooㅋㅋHe knows the general meaning of the term but not for sure, so he changed the spelling and included extra words to make it workㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: eoljuga means “Even if you freeze to death, you drink iced Americano” or eoleo jugeodo ice americano)


Daniel: ㅋㅋ I know this. “It’s going to be cold enough for death so iced Americano”

ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 19:49 | 53 upvotes

I’m not a fan, but Kang Daniel is really cute. First time seeing an outright cute person;;;

ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 22:51 | 51 upvotes

Daniel is really the king of communication. He plays really well. He played with fandom terms recently, but before he talked about things regarding movies and played for a while and put up lots of comments. It was so good. This is why you can’t help but love himㅠㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ 2019.01.09 13:53 | 47 upvotes

He is soooo cuteㅜㅜㅋㅋ


ㅇㅇ 2019.01.10 01:54 | 39 upvotes

For me I just thought Kang Daniel has a good physical and that’s about it. Then I saw him in person at the MBC Entertainment Awards, and I was so surprised. Seriously, he shined from far away. We all walked away shocked and became his fans.