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In a survey conducted by SevenEdu (a middle school Internet math education company) with 10,670 middle school students from January 21 to February 11, Kang Daniel came on top with 5,484 votes (51.4 %) as “The Star I Want to Give Chocolates on Valentine’s Day.”

Cha Gilyoung who is a math and pop star lecturer at SevenEdu said, “Kang Daniel’s boyish image stimulates the fantasy of first love for women of various ages.” He added, “The strong image that overwhelms the crowd on stage and the stark contrast he shows in entertainment shows have become huge attractions to the public.”

In other news, Daniel’s “Rainism” cover fancam is still a hot topic after being praised by both Rain and the composer of the song Bae Jinryeol. On January 25 at one of Wanna One’s last concerts, Daniel completed the legendary stage by Rain and perfectly reinterpreted it, making it worthy of being called “Danielism” by Kang Daniel.