Translation: @KDaniel_Noona | Source: 2019.03.01

Is there any Kang Daniel fanboy here? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Am I being isolated?



3-1 13:12 | 7 upvotes

Younger brother? Daniel likes younger brothers the most 😏😏

3-1 12:30 | 5 upvotes

You won’t be isolated but will be highly protected.

Fanboy reply: πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

3-2 01:33 | 2 upvotes

As long as you like Niel, we are brothers πŸ˜€

Other Comments:

  • It’s super rare to see a fanboy! You must always support Niel. Btw, what made you become a fan?

    Fanboy reply: His sexy dance moves

  • I like people who have good taste like you.
  • Daniel has quite a lot of fanboys.
  • Fanboys are very precious! And Daniel is so good to fanboys. In the future if you get to meet Daniel and you’re lucky to shake hands or take pictures with him, remember to post and share your photos with the noonas.

Translation: @KDaniel_Noona | Source: 2019.03.02

I’m a new fanboy δΈ€Are there any other fanboys? I’m feeling lonely 😭



3-2 09:04 | 31 upvotes

Since you came here you’re gonna be highly protected 🐺

Fanboy reply: I’m overwhelmed
Reply: LOL

3-2 09:04 | 16 upvotes

There was another fanboy yesterday, and he said he was afraid of being isolated. Both of you can be companions. You used the same first photo πŸ˜‚

Fanboy reply: Because that photo is really nice 🐺

3-3 05:10 | 12 upvotes

I just saw a fanboy a couple days ago. You won’t be lonely, lol.

3-2 14:25 | 8 upvotes

Yes, yes. I’m a a fanboy too! 😊

Fanboy reply: ok ok 😏

3-3 09:16 | 4 upvotes

Precious fanboy, let’s communicate more.

Fanboy reply: Yes, brother!

3-3 06:02 | 1 upvote

There are a lot of fanboys. I’m one of them.

Fanboy reply: Brother!
Reply back: I’m very low profile, hehe.

Other Comments:

  • Sisters, come quick. We need to highly protect them.
  • Welcome! Fanboys are precious. Just ask anything you want to know. We will help you.
  • Brother, in this fandom you’re a treasure.
  • Someone told me to come here to 围观 (stare at/look intensely) a fanboy.