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Keuh Euh 🤩
Kang Daniel’s Fandom Where the Sun Does Not Set

“Kang Daniel’s fandom where the sun does not set.”
A great expression

There is a time difference, but the fans of Kang Daniel all over the world seem to be in the same place, and each does what they need to do.

Whatever is related to Kang Daniel, his fans especially and independently review the situation and their skills, actively working to protect Kang Daniel by completing their tasks.

The GongCa (Fancafe) without an administrator is run by the fans and maintains #1 in the fandom ranking, and one is not able to feel that there is no administrator. They cooperate with poise and support Kang Daniel’s GongCa with enthusiasm. Even non-fans are cheering the way GongCa is operating on cruise control.

Like they are the biggest agency in the world…
In an orderly fashion,
With sincerity,
Finding out what they don’t know,
For the artist Kang Daniel.
Reducing sleep time to work for him.

Fans received so much from Kang Daniel.
They feel that this is the least they can do.
Artist Kang Daniel and Kang Daniel’s fandom
Their relationship is like this.
They do not accept anything negative
Pureness. That is all.

When you look at the fandom’s history
Surely, they are worth a scientific study… Yes.
They are an unprecedented fandom.

​Kang Daniel’s fandom
Through LM’s gobbledygook disastrous media play,
Remains poised and serious.
Throwing out strong facts that will command loud applause
And showing a great sense of humor.
In other words, they are gentle yet strong
Strong but good.

​They are emotionally balanced (T/N: says “pretty” in Korean) and have many logical and rational intellectuals that can point out evil and fraudsters. Due to this, the dirty activities were dug up, and they exposed the goings-on with the private Instagram accounts. They are really something else. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Oh my word… Look at our Kang Daniel… He is perfection

In my opinion,
For Kang Daniel
The fandom who wants to give their all to Kang Daniel
In this whole world
I think may be the most unique fandom.

If you meet as enemies, Kang Daniel’s fandom will be hard to beat.
The fandom is abundant with healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy wisdom.
Kang Daniel is really a happy artist…
A fandom like this is walking with him…
He will not be lonely 😌

Kang Daniel’s fandom takes after him,
uplifts his good influence and goes around spreading his good energy.
An elegant fandom never seen before.

Photographer Cho Seihon said this about his fandom:

​I realized that a photographer plays a huge role as a bridge between great fans and an excellent star. You are connecting human to human with warmth. Through my work, if I was able to make the star feel as though they are closer to the fans, then I have done my job as a photographer. There were fans who smiled while looking at my work, but there were also those who shed tears. They confessed that they were able to feel so much healing through my work that they could not help but shed tears out of joy. I also learned and felt especially a lot through my last Letters From Angels exhibition. The work is the life and lifeline of artists. This time so many good people came to observe my work that I feel revived, born again.

I am proud of Kang Daniel, and I am in more awe of his fans. I have never met so many kind and dignified fans in my life. Kang Daniel’s mother also came from afar and gave me undeserved support and greeted me with gratefulness that I gained much strength from it. Perhaps due to that, the baby wrapped in Kang Daniel’s arms that he prayed for with all his heart, baby Yongmin, has been adopted a few days ago. There can be no greater gift than this. It’s all due to all of you. Thank you.