Naver Blog: Story Blossom | Translation: @happydanielfan for OurDaniel 

If I am a magazine fangirl, then I am that.
Fashion, interior, cooking, etc. I love to check out the latest trends. Due to my work, I have to review many magazines. I can easily check information regarding the newest products in magazines, and tasty restaurants and shopping destinations are all chosen by reviewing them in magazines…

I bought all the latest international magazines at bookstores. That’s how much I love magazines. And one such as me is about to talk about Kang Daniel’s pictorial. There is a secret to them.​

Eye expressions… Face

Kang Daniel’s pupils are very clear and dark.
The shape of his eyes is sexy but elegant.
The secret is here.

There are many handsome models with great bodies. However, there are not many who have the perfect physique like Kang Daniel with the ability to set trends with his natural eye expressions. ​

Within his eyes, he is not full of himself, pretentious or overdoing it.
There is nothing bad there.
He was born with it.
He took all the coolness, beauty, elegance and cuteness and is able to express them the Kang Daniel way.
That is what is so special.

What the luxury brands are looking for.
That special model. That is Kang Daniel.
Very rare.
And many people have to agree the kind of model that is Kang Daniel.

That is why after InStyle with TAG Heuer, he is in photoshoots with luxury designer brands like CHANEL and Louis Vuitton.
Luxury brands recognize another luxury brand… It’s a rare find.

Luxury brands are known to have pride in their brands. It is not common to have an idol who just debuted represent their brands as a model in their photoshoots.

Luxury brands do not take into consideration popularity and how long a star has been in the industry, but rather if the model can show how special the brand is and can represent the pride in their brand; therefore, they are very picky in their model choices.

That is why even if the model is not well known around the world, if the model can represent their pride, uniqueness and is able to exude the luxurious aura they want, then they will have a contract with the new face regardless. The representation of their identity is the most important.

if you were to ask me to pick the best cut from ELLE’s April issue,
then I pick this picture!!

It’s a small cut… but to me it was on a large scale that attracted my eyes.
It contains the beauty of both a man and woman.
Eye gaze, expression, light hand movements…
The aura that is untouchable…
It’s the finale.

Nothing forced, nothing that bothers you…
How can a cut so natural come out like that?
It’s possible because it is Kang Daniel.
I have been looking at magazines for a long while,
but Kang Daniel is part of a new world.

Depending on the editor, photo, ad rep’s tastes or concept, the photo gets selected.
I wish this was a full cut.

the reason people get sucked into this picture is because of Kang Daniel’s chic expression that you are not able to get often.
With that expression, he is holding the Louis Vuitton MM, and no wonder everyone lost their minds.
This design is not in Korea yet.

If Kang Daniel decided to use that expression against you, the consumer cannot win. If the credit card permits, you will carry it step by step to the store and have to purchase Louis Vuitton.
You do not have time to battle against him playing hard to get.
What Louis Vuitton was not able to do, Kang Daniel is able to resolve it easily. The sound of Louis Vuitton sales going up…

Louis Vuitton is doing right with Kang Daniel!!!!

This is how you do a job!
If you do it like this, you will make a lot of money!
You do not need any shortcuts.
Going forward with Kang Daniel is the answer!

ELLE – Louis Vuitton & CHANEL

Kang Daniel’s Essential V necklace
There were many posts on SNS of fans purchasing it, and currently it is very difficult to find.

InStyle – TAG Heuer
GQ – Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga

As expected,
except for the products that are not in Korea yet,
all the items Kang Daniel had on were sold out.

​Each cover and photoshoot had a different concept,
but each brand’s uniqueness was
expressed exceptionally well in Kang Daniel’s way.
InStyle and GQ were also very, very good!!
If you have not seen them, please check them out.

Kang Daniel has everything that a photographer loves in a model. The moment you take a picture, Kang Daniel’s afterimage lasts a long time, and the photographers themselves must have had an upturned smile for days afterwards. When you see a beautiful person, the environment, then your brain just opens wide~A feeling something like that. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Maybe it’s not my place, but
I’m thinking that the world’s popular brands are wanting to have Kang Daniel as their model.
You can say I may be going overboard, but we can see what happens in the future.

Kang Daniel
The gem of Korea
I miss you