Source: Osen 

Ahead of his highly anticipated solo debut, Kang Daniel broke his silence and communicated with fans through 1st Instagram Live since announcing dispute with agency LM Entertainment back in March.

On June 9, Kang Daniel posted on his Instagram account, “Everyone! I plan to meet you all tonight at 11 p.m. through Instagram Live. See you tonight!!”

At 11 PM Korean time, Kang Daniel began his Instagram Live broadcast smiling shily and expressing feeling awkward as it had been a long time since he last spoke to his fans. See the full transcript (@happydanielfan) and subbed video bellow.

(Cuckles hitting his tights)
Ah, hello everyone, I’m Daniel.
It’s been really long since I’ve said hello to you.
Yes, I’m very nervous now, really. Probably because it’s been so long since I said hello to you so I’m very very nervous, my hand is shaking.
Yes, the reason why I’m saying hello live first is not because of a former announcement, but I wanted to show my face to all of you just in case you may have forgotten my face so I wanted to hurry and say hello.
I’m grateful.
Uh, I wonder what the weather is like for you. I’m really hot.
Yes, I miss you too.
And now I’m in complete preparation mode and also working on my music too. I’m participating in writing and producing and working on how to give all of you good music and good message so please look forward to it.
Why am I so nervous?
Now when I was having a hard time, all of you became a great strength to me.
And now I want to be your strength.
What should I say?
I want to and I’m working on a lot of content to show myself to you. Thinking of a lot of good contents.
Thinking of it a lot so please look forward to it as well.
I did a late live on Korean time and I’m so thankful so many of you cam to join me.
Ah so awkward.
Now I have to go and work on my music.
Thank you.
I’m always grateful to you.
Please look forward to me.
I’m sorry I made you wait so long
Now I’ll come running to you.
Thank you.