Source: The Star (June 2020 issue)
Translation: happydanielfan | Transcription: Primazaza

Kang Daniel’s The Star’s first cover photoshoot. How was the photoshoot that had the feel of summer?

It was my first time having a summer theme photoshoot, so it was something new. Because the shoot occurred by the pool, I felt like I came on a “hocance” (T/N like staycation). Rather than a photoshoot, it felt like like I came to have an enjoyable time.

All the photos you took today all look good?

Yes, when there’s too much sun, I’m not able to open my eyes fully, but today there were enough clouds so it was easier to pose. The cloud filled sky was helpful.

Lately, you successfully finished your first mini album CYAN promotions in three weeks. How did that feel ?

It was my dream to release an album and perform in front of fans. Thankfully, I was able to end album promotions well, so I am very happy. There are so many who worked hard to make the album. Because of them, I feel that I was able to end the promotions even better. Of course, the fans who cheered and liked my music were my biggest happiness.

In the CYAN album, the editor personally liked “Jealous” the most, but I liked all the songs in it.

Thank you. To me this album was a bit “special” (laugh)

The title song “2U” was a song to heal the lonely with warmth and nostalgia. How did you come up with it?

Actually, I thought it fit winter, and it was recorded in winter. However, the more I listened to it, the more I felt that it went well with spring. Honestly, I didn’t think “2U” would be the title song.


I didn’t think it fit my style. But on the contrary, many people really liked it so I am relieved.

This album had blue tones with bright and clear ambiance. What side of Kang Daniel did you want to show with this album?

When you watch a dance movie, you can feel the unique freedom and bright energy. For instance, the kind of energy the movie Step Up had when the friends danced together. Due to COVID-19, so many people were having a hard time so I wanted to deliver even brighter energy to those listening. I hope when people listen to my music, they could feel positive energy even for just a bit.

“Stage master” Kang Daniel worked hands on, tirelessly to make this album. How much of your ideas went into the album?

In making the album, I participated in writing the lyrics, choosing the concept, choreography, and costumes so that they were things I liked and could do well in. I checked everything from beginning to end, so a lot of my ideas went into it. Of course, there were so many who helped me, and I can’t really say but what I’m preparing for now also contains a lot of my suggestions. Even today right after the interview, I’m going to a meeting. I hope you will look forward to what I have to show in the future.

What inspires Kang Daniel when he is performing music?

I usually gain inspiration from movies, but lately when I watch fashion films with a good sense of fashion, I find them useful. Currently, I watch a lot of videos of b-boy hyungs I like and I thought, “Fads really keep coming back around.”

On the next album, Kang Daniel wants to do something new and something he is good at. What do you think is the music style you are best in?

I like the hip-hop genre, and I feel songs with intense concepts suit me well. The general public seems to think “Kang Daniel is well-suited for sexy songs,” but rather than sexy, I have infinite sides to me I can show. I can do songs in a variety of genres, so please anticipate it.

How was the interview with the one called “God Daniel”? Well, he was really honest which surprised me ,and again I was surprised by his articulateness. He really is a hot, manly man from Busan! The “living” interview with Kang Daniel who makes everyone anticipate.

What is Kang Daniel’s best quality as a singer?

That I am able to do what I want to do with a genre I am good at and am able to freely express it. I believe that is the best quality.

With the comeback, you also did a solo reality program. Do you normally enjoy traveling by yourself?

Before I became a singer, I used to travel alone a lot. I went to Yeosu a lot. My hometown is Busan, and sometimes I’d go to the beach really early in the morning. I enjoy traveling alone. Rather than traveling with a lot of people, I like to focus on my own time and travel quietly. That’s probably why I don’t go outside my house a lot.

When I watched you drink coffee alone and strolling around by yourself, it felt good. How did it feel going from star Kang Daniel to regular traveler?

I really enjoyed this feeling after a long while. I am a bit weary of the scrutiny towards me. There was a time when it was difficult to meet the eyes of people, but I feel somewhat healed, as if I was able to organize my thoughts through that trip.

I remember the time you had yoga with the goats.

I think parents will really like it when they try it. I recommend it as a family trip.

What is the scene or episode that you think of the most?

The Multnomah Falls. I like looking at nature. That’s why I like to visit forests in Korea. But now that I’m home a lot, I get overcome with cumbersomeness, so I have not really gone anywhere much. (laugh) When I was young, there was a mountain behind our home, and I used to climb it often. Anyways, I felt like my stuffed up heart became wide open when I saw the amazing nature in front of me after a long time. I felt all of my stress melt away.

What do you do when you have some downtime or day off?

I just stay home. I never miss a day. I just stay at home.

Are you the type that the more you stay home, the more you stay at home?

Yes, when my friends want to meet me, I invite them to my home. I spend a lot of time with my mom at home too. There are many things to do at home. We watch Mead and play games. (laugh)

What is a hobby that you are really into now?

Like I said previously, I am watching a lot of b-boy videos on YouTube. I also love reading webtoons. These days I read the Lord of Creation webtoon (T/N Man Mool Eue Young Jang), and I’m like “What is this?” It’s that fresh, and it warms your heart.

What is 25-year-old Kang Daniel’s personality really like?

My friends and those who know me say, “You are really the same on TV as you are in real life.” I’m not off-the-wall, but I can run off here and there everywhere so they don’t know where I’m going and where my focus is. Before I became a singer, my friends said if I go around like now, people will become flustered and worried about me. However, now people see my personality as part of my charm so I am really grateful.

When you see Kang Daniel, he seems to be full of emotions. Do you sometimes cry?

I cry a lot watching movies, but when I think about it, I cry at different points than others.

Then what is the movie that made you cry the most?

Animation movie sequel called Ralph the King of Fist when there’s a scene where Penelope is greeting someone. That scene was so sad to me that I grabbed tissues and sobbed.

Then do you also have different points of laughing than others?

Yes, I am different. I do not try to purposely be funny to uplift the mood and make others happy, but more like “If I don’t say this now, I’m going to regret it big time when I go home” and bring it up. If I think of something, I have to say it quickly. And after I throw in the joke as I am about to sleep, I think about it one more time and I laugh. (laugh)

You really are different.

I also think about “Out of all the things I said today, what was the funniest?”

Rooney, Peter, Ori and Jjangah, you are the butler of these beautiful cats. What is the biggest happiness these felines give you?

I am the only son, so I like to have a loud home atmosphere. When I was young, I watched Human Theater often, and I never missed episodes that had many siblings. They fight all the time, and I was so jealous of that… I used to fight with my dolls, but on the show the siblings fight and the next day they act like nothing happened and go on. I was envious of that. That’s why I like the wacky times I spend together with the cats.

This is the time of staying at home. What item can you recommend to enjoy while we stay put?

The item is a bit pricey, but VR games are really fun. Now that I have them at home, I don’t even realize time is flying by and have a fun time.

VR games are really scary. Have you played the game where you fall of the roof?

I don’t get scared easily so I do well with those games, except when ghosts came out.

You are a filial son who is especially good to your mom. Today happens to be Parents Day. Did you reach out to her in the morning?

I woke up today with my mom at the house. I hope everyone will be healthier. I sent a text to my father this morning too. It’s a bit awkward? But I want to tell him thank you for raising me as your son. And if I were to brag just a little about myself, I give my parents lots of gifts, Rather than buying things for myself, I feel happier and prouder when I spend on my parents.

Charity angel Kang Daniel. As a Busan citizen, you participated in #BecauseChallenge. Why do you think you give for good causes so often?

I’m not thinking of reasons or meanings while I do this. Previously, I was not able to finish high school because that’s how hard my family was hit financially. Even then I used to give to UNICEF regularly. When I was having a hard time, I received a lot of help from those around me. Maybe that’s why. I want to help those in need and pay them back.

What do you think is the reason behind your fans liking you?

That is hard. Because my pupils are large? (laugh) When I think about it, I think I give them different things to anticipate. I also say to fans anticipate me a lot of times. I believe that results in giving each other good synergy, and therefore I try even harder.

Every move Kang Daniel makes grabs the attention of the people. Was there ever a time when this kind of attention becomes burdensome and difficult for you?

It’s always been like that as I don’t like the attention on me. Then my friends ask me “Why did you choose this career then?” and I figured it’s how you react to it that makes the difference. I know that it’s not easy to gain the attention of someone. I am still amazed by the attention towards me, and I’m trying to enjoy this kind of attention and focus on me and trying to think bigger and wider. This type of thought positively influences me.

It’s a job that needs one to be seen, so a lot of emotions will be spent. Do you sometimes feel empty?

When I feel empty, the cats give me strength. You might say that I like being lonely so I am enjoying the empty feeling. My personality may be such that I don’t feel lonely. When I am home, I have so much to do so that I’m spending my time happily.

When did you feel the proudest of yourself?

Ever since I was young, when my close friends, the people who knew me, and those who helped me say “You are really awesome. I’m so proud.” Now that I am in a position to do something for them, that is really awesome. At one point I thought I had changed a bit, but those around me said, “You are still the same you,” and told me the truth so I was grateful.

What is the most important in life?

What is the most important to me is self-satisfaction. Secondly, sleep. People’s need for sleep is really strong, but I am especially sensitive. The difference in my condition when I had a good dream or bad is huge.

What image of Kang Daniel do you think people are anticipating the most?

I’m really not sure. However, I’m skilled at having people anticipate the image I want to show them, so I’m thinking hard and working hard at it.

What praise can you give to yourself for coming this far?

Everything is good, but now let’s buy some clothes. (laugh) I’m wearing sweatpants that are ripped at the knees from four years ago. My friends who came over to visit me asked, “Why are you still wearing that clothes?” I was shocked by it. (laugh)

Are you not buying clothes because you are not interested?

It’s not that I don’t have an interest, but I tend to wear clothes for a long time. During school, I used to beg my parents to buy me jackets and sneakers that b-boy’s hyungs were wearing. We were financially struggling, but my mom still went out and bought them for me. When I found out, I decided to take care of my things and use them for a long time. Even now when I go home in Busan, my first shoes that I practiced in are still there. They are totally worn and faded and make you wonder, “Is this something a person can wear?”,  but I am not able to throw them away. They’re something I really cherish.

What is something Kang Daniel wants to achieve for the rest of the year?

First, I really hope my album will do well. Second, I have many things I want to show you. The album and content are varied, so I hope many will enjoy them. Lastly, it’s summer, so I will buy a lot of shorts. (laugh)

Many fans say “Kang Daniel, please wear shorts” a lot.

I’ll wear them for my pleasure. I know many fans want to see me in shorts (laugh) but I will wear the shorts by myself and see if they look good.

What do you want to say in conclusion?

During “2U” promotions, I felt that fans were cheering and anticipating my musical spectrum, which made me happy. It gave me so much strength. The next album is a different concept, and I am certain DANITY will like it the best. You’ll anticipate it, right? Until then, I hope everyone will be in their homes safely and in good health. I’ll prepare even harder and comeback soon, so DANITY, let’s meet through TV!

Browngwan? (T/N Daniel said let’s meet through Browngwan, old term for TV shows, etc.) Isn’t that a slightly outdated word? (laugh)

These days they don’t use that word much anymore. (laugh) Then let’s meet through Internet phone lines, cable, online! Ah ! That’s not right either?

The term is “LanSun” now (T/N Lan for LAN and Sun for line)

That’s right LanSun. (laugh) Let’s meet through LanSun. Goodbye!


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