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Kang Daniel expressed his sincere gratitude to his manager during the latest episode of MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View (also know as The Manager)! Kang Daniel and his manager Jung Dong Yoon were guests on the June 6 episode of the popular show, which gives fans an inside view of the singer’s everyday life.

Kang Daniel explained how Jung Dong Yoon had saved him during the most difficult time of his life. The singer, who went on a hiatus for several months last December due to physical and mental health problems, thanked his manager for being there for him when he really needed support.

Jung Dong Yoon began working as his manager just when things were starting to get bad. “You came at a chaotic time,” he said.


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“Before everything had settled down. It was when I was going through the hardest time. Back then, when I was going through a rough time, you came to my house every day, without missing a single day. You would come to see me, and we’d play games and eat together. Just having someone there by my side was nice in and of itself.”

Kang Daniel said on camera in the studio: “I’m always grateful to him. Back then, he really came to my house every single day for two months. It had only been about four months since he’d started working as my manager.”

During the talk show, Jung Dong Yoon remembered what Kang Daniel had told him, “Being with you makes me happy. Don’t go anywhere, and let’s keep working together.”

Jung Dong Yoon continued, “Kang Daniel also tells me ‘I love you’ often. When he drinks, he’ll say ‘I love you’ and give me a hug. As a manager, it makes me feel proud.”