Source: SBS News 

Singer Kang Daniel, who celebrated his birthday today (December 10), has received a huge birthday celebration from fans.

On the 9th, a day before Kang Daniel’s birthday, 200 drones that were prepared by Kang Daniel’s fans appeared in the sky over the The Bund (Wai Tan) landmark in Shanghai, China. The drones, which appeared in a row over The Bund, started with the phrase “Happy Birthday on December 10th” and sent congratulatory messages in various formations.

Among the beautiful formations that embroidered the night sky, there was also the shape of Kang Daniel’s face, and the tear mole on Kang Daniel’s face was carefully expressed, attracting attention.

As a result, netizens showed reactions such as “The birthday drone show is cool”, “The tear point detail gave me goosebumps”, “Sweet details. The base of ‘I love you’ is also a heart”, “It’s so pretty, Chinese fans are daebak”, impressed by the meticulousness of the fans. [More fans reaction]

Kang Daniel’s China Fan Union (@WannaDaniel1996 x @LikeCat1210) prepared 21 LED panel ads at Hyundai Department Store in Sinchon-dong, Seoul, and carried out social media advertisements on Kakao Talk, Instagram, and Facebook, giving a special congratulation to Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel’s domestic fans also donated 1,210 briquettes and 1.21 million won to celebrate his birthday on December 10 and exerted their good influence by donating to neighbors facing difficulties with COVID-19.