Source: HeraldPop | Translation: Support 

On February 1, singer Kang Daniel began the countdown for his comeback with a mysterious and captivating teaser video. It was later announced that Kang will comeback with digital single “PARANOIA” on February 16 at 6 p.m. KST.

KONNECT Entertainment released the cover image of the digital single “PARANOIA” through Kang Daniel’s official SNS accounts on the 8th. The intense red background overwhelms one’s gaze. The roughly stretched trees stretch up and down with only branches, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

The intense and extraordinary atmosphere peeping through the comeback teaser and trailer was continued in the cover image. It is a 180 degree difference from the refreshing sensation of the mini album CYAN and the energy of MAGENTA. A musical transformation is also expected. Kang Daniel, who wrote the song himself, is going to express the pain, conflict, and anguish that he actually experienced in “PARANOIA”. While everyone has nightmares and pains, he focused on the inner conflict he wants to hide.

The composition and arrangement lineup is also impressive. inverness and Anthony Russo of “State of Wonder,” who also had meaningful results in the US market back in January, joined together to work for Kang Daniel this time. The three had presented a new trend by sharing musical synergy in the previous album MAGENTA. Anthony Russo was responsible for the composition and inverness for the arrangement. The melody combined with the message is addictive. Synth bells, 808 bass, and electric guitar complete the heavy sound.

More teasers are expected to be released through Kang Daniel’s official SNS accounts and K-pop platform MUPLY.