Source: Newsen, SportsChosun | Translation: Support (2) edited by OurDaniel 

Singer Kang Daniel forewarns an overwhelming comeback with eerie “PARANOIA” music video teasers and concept photos.

On February 10, KONNECT Entertainment unveiled the first MV teaser for Kang Daniel’s upcoming song “PARANOIA” through all their official SNS.

Even in the short video, you can see a different atmosphere. The scene-to-scene storytelling catches the eye, from Kang Daniel walking as if being chased in a crowd to being trapped in a narrow space. The teaser unfolds quickly to the song’s bass beat and ends with the scene of Kang Daniel engulfed in the deep water.

Raising curiosity about the main story, Rigend directed the MV with a cinematic look. Kang Daniel’s inner story from “PARANOIA” is completed like a movie. Various symbols linked to music are expressed through eerie sensational images.

KONNECT Entertainment said, “It’s Kang Daniel’s style and MV that we haven’t seen before. You will be able to feel more than just listening to music.”

The lyrics Kang Daniel penned himself are expected to capture the internal conflicts he actually experienced, drawing extraordinary attention.

KONNECT Entertainment released an additional MV teaser for “PARANOIA” on the 12th. If the previous teaser focused on noir-class storytelling, this time it raised expectations for the stage by revealing some of its performances for the first time.

It was a short video of about 10 seconds, but the power to draw you in is impressive. Daniel’s chest-sweeping gestures while his eyes burned with anger and the ending of him raising his head while striking his arms strongly leave a deep lingering impression. The masked dancers and group dance performance prove the dignity of top-class performers once again.

KONNECT Ent. further explained, “The performance embodies Kang Daniel fighting with his inner side, collapsing and coming back to life. This symbolically contains the nightmares that constantly tortured him.”

They added, “There is also a twist when he realizes the person he is desperately trying to escape from is himself. We implemented inner fantasies and illusions in the performance, and it will be interesting to look for hidden codes.”

The addictive “PARANOIA” melody line is gradually added through the teaser series. Synth bells, 808 bass, and electric guitars deliver a heavy sound. Kang Daniel participated in the lyrics this time, Anthony Russo was involved in the composition and Inverness for the arrangement, raising expectations for the complete song.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s eerie “PARANOIA” means a leap forward as solo musician and will be released on various music sites on February 16 at 6p.m.