Source: SportsChosun, iMBC | Translation: Support 

The music video for Kang Daniel‘s single “PARANOIA” hit 20 million views on YouTube in the afternoon of the 20th. At the same time, the number of subscribers to KONNECT’s YouTube official account exceeded one million. Following top spots in various charts, meaningful numbers are continuing on the global platform. As a solo artist, he proved his turning point and his unique presence at the trailer.

The 20 million views for the music video of “PARANOIA” is even more amazing in terms of speed. It hit 10 million views in just two days after its release, breaking Kang Daniel’s personal record, and achieved 20 million in two more days. This is proof that more global fans are enthusiastic about “PARANOIA.”

Thanks to the response, the number of subscribers reached one million. Kang Daniel made a record of 100,000 subscribers during the time he opened his account in July 2019. He got 210,000 subscribers on his solo debut day, and 510,00 subscribers in just 10 days. With the release of “PARANOIA,” more than 200,000 fans subscribed from the time of the previous album MAGENTA, thus joining the GOLD button one-million-club.

The heated response for “PARANOIA” is particularly significant. It’s even more meaningful because it is a song that contains the pain and conflict that Kang Daniel experienced in the lyrics that he wrote himself. The charisma and ultimate performance that is different from the stages he had shown so far raised expectations for Kang Daniel’s music to unfold in the future.

Kang Daniel, who finished his first week of comeback promotions on various music shows, constantly communicates with fans. On the 23rd, a new music video performance version will be released, and various charms of “PARANOIA” will be shared.