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(9:20)Kang‘s team is so open to sharing press with us. I know when ‘PARANOIA’ came out, he was willing to include us on certain articles, and they talked about the writers and producers of the song and how we were all on ‘State of Wonder’ with inverness and there are this kind of things that are linking everybody.”

(11:40) “I think that the more that Kang kind of comes into his artistry, which he is already doing so well and he’s so versatile and so fun to write for because he can literally do anything, I want to do some more… not necessarily conceptually but sonically, I’d love to see him do more rock. Not fully rock but just like rock kind of influence.”

(12:03) “I don’t know. I just think he has this really malleable kind of brand identity where he can kind of go wherever he wants and still make it him.”

(12:12) “At the end of the day, we could come up with ideas for Kang all we want, but he has to like it in order for it to pass through. So he’s kind of cultivating this thing on his own. I’d love to do just like kind of what we’ve already been doing. There’s actually a song on the project. It’s called ‘Digital’. That song actually has little elements of that in it, and I really, really think that he did so well on it.”

(12:48) “It’s like the most hype song ever. It’s so high energy and insane, and I remember writing that in literally like two hours—everything. I was like just non-stop click record, click record. I was on one, and then I got done with it and was like, ‘This is crazy, but who would do this song? This is too intense.’ And you’ll understand when you hear it, but of course he was like, ‘Let’s go. I’ll do that,’ and I was like ‘Alright.’ And I think he could do more of that and push it a little bit. Even get more edgy and more left field sonically and maybe lyric- conceptually. I think he will too. He wants it. He wants to go the distance, and he’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.”

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(About “ANTIDOTE”) “That song is one of my favorite demos of all time. That’s not an exaggeration. I’m so excited for this song to come out. Usually the title is not my favorite song off the album that we do, but in this case it is.”

“Daniel was writing lyrics, and he was putting in a little bit of English. And we were like, ‘Bro, don’t put in too much because this is your story.’ And he was doing it because he thought, ‘Maybe people want to hear more English.’ We were like, ‘No, bro, they just want to hear your story. They don’t care about the English. They want to hear K-pop, but they want to hear your story in your own words.’ He rewrote and put in way less English. We actually thought about that for this upcoming Daniel album, and he made the choice. Shout out to him to put more Korean in the songs.”

“It’s about something that happened to him or something that he felt during his times, and so I think that’s really important to do in K-pop and so I’m happy. He worked really hard. He wrote all the lyrics for every song. It’s about his life, his story. It’s really meaningful to him.”

“We love working with Daniel, and KONNECT Entertainment is awesome. Shout out to everybody there. I love the synergy that we have there.”

“Don’t forget. Please support Kang Daniel’s new album. He worked really hard. His album is about… he wrote all the lyrics to every song. It’s about his life, his story. Really meaningful to him. So even if you aren’t a Kang Daniel fan, maybe go check it out for MZMC. If not for that, just maybe it’s good music. Let me know. It comes out April 13th, so go check that out please.”