By Ashlee Mitchell for HYPEBAE 

Kang Daniel is a performer with various colors and charms, quite literally. His three-part COLOR series concludes with the release of his latest album, YELLOW, out April 13. Preceded by CYAN and MAGENTA, both released in 2020, the talented K-pop star is exploring new territory and demonstrating his growth as a soloist with YELLOW. The five-song effort is led with pre-single “PARANOIA,” which dropped in February, and the single “Antidote.” The 24-year-old singer-songwriter first gained attention as a member of Wanna One, formed on the reality competition show Produce 101, and has since expanded to creating his own label, Konnect Entertainment, while becoming one of the highest-valued celebrities from Korea.

YELLOW is a continuation of MAGENTA, and in conversation with Daniel, it’s clear that this new record is a work of art. He opens up, “[With] the whole album, I wanted to express a difficult time in my career [when] I felt hopeless. I wanted every song to kind of represent the different stages I went through during that time.” He continues, “When we started the COLOR series, I wanted each color to represent something different. CYAN had a youthful vibe, whereas MAGENTA was more energetic, powerful and fun.” His latest album contrasts that brightness despite the vibrant title. “YELLOW kind of takes a step back into a darker period in my life. My hope is that people can relate to my music and the overall body of work as we all go through ups and downs.”