Source: YNA, SportsDonga 

Singer Kang Daniel will be the MC of Mnet’s new dance competition program Street Woman Fighter (스트릿 우먼 파이터). Mnet announced on July 5, “Kang Daniel has been confirmed to appear as the MC.”

Street Woman Fighter is a program that shows the fierce competition between eight representative female dance crew teams in South Korea. PD Choi Jung-nam and the production team that was behind hit dance-themed programs Dancing 9, Somebody and Hit the Stage, once again worked together for the creation of Street Woman Fighter.

According to Mnet, Kang Daniel is a “representative dancer in the entertainment industry” who taught b-boying to his juniors in high school and has dance battle experience while serving as a street dancer.

Kang Daniel said, “I’m excited just from thinking about seeing the performances of the top dancers from up close. It’s an even greater honor to take on the special role of an MC.” He continued, “I think I will receive lots of inspiration as an artist, and I will also share my experiences and provide support for the dancers to create their best performances.”

[Via Soompi] Besides Kang Daniel as the MC, singer BoA and NCT’s Taeyong have been named as two of the judges. Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon has been confirmed to be part of one of the dance crews.

The first mission for Street Woman Fighter includes covering songs by BoA, CL, Jessi, and HyunA. Jessi and CL, along with PSY, made appearances in the new teaser, which shows the elaborate competition set as well as glimpses of the fierce all-female dance crews. PSY says, “I was like, ‘We’re really getting a show like this in Korea,’” and Jessi says, “It’s like they all came to fight. A competition among women is the most fun.”

CL says, “I was so focused [on what’s happening]. It’s really fun.” Kang Daniel fulfills his role as the MC by saying, “Ready? Fight!” and he, BoA, and NCT’s Taeyong look both shocked and impressed by what happens later on.

Street Woman Fighter is scheduled to premiere on August 24.