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On November 3, Kang Daniel was confirmed as the MC for Street Dance Girls Fighter (SGF), the spin-off of Mnet’s hit show Street Woman Fighter (SWF).

According to Mnet, SGF will select Korea’s best high school girl dance crew. The leaders of the eight SWF crews—Leejung (YGX), Gabee (LACHICA), Hyojin Choi (WANT), Noze (WAYB), Rihey (CocaNButter), Monika (PROWDMON), Honey J (HolyBang), and Aiki (HOOK)—will appear as mentors and judges.

Kang Daniel will emcee SGF following SWF. He is a representative dancer in the entertainment industry and an artist with infinite love and experience with street dancing. He showed an extraordinary presence as a colleague and host for the SWF crews as the first MC. Interest is being drawn on what new side he will show as SGF’s MC. In the teaser video released, Kang Daniel added to the anticipation for SGF’s first broadcast with a stylish move and the comment, “The dance fight among teenagers starts now. READY? FIGHT!”

Kang Daniel said, “The lingering feelings of SWF still remain. It’s an honor to be entrusted with the role of hosting SGF. Additionally, it is great to be able to work together with the SWF crew leaders once again. If SWF was like a festival that features South Korea’s best female dancers, SGF will be delivering the explosive energy of teenage dancers uniting under their passion for dance. I’m pleased to be able to help even a little on the stage that can be a stepping stone for the [teen dancers’] future. I will do my best to help viewers enjoy the stage in a fun manner and be more immersed.”[s] [s] [s]

Following the MC confirmation news, Kang Daniel shared his excitement with fans. “Oh, the article is out. I will enjoy doing SGF too ㅋㅋㅋ Actually, I didn’t think about [doing] it at all, but the people and staff who are doing SGF [told me], ‘If it’s not Daniel-ssi, we can’t do it!’ So I was proud of myself and I ended up accepting it. And the staff thankfully liked me so much. I’m so happy~”[s]

In reference to his experience as the MC of Street Woman Fighter, he also shared, “You’ll know if you watch the battle clips, but there are times when the battle beat is a bit quiet. And if I’m quiet too, then the atmosphere gets awkward. I know too that since it’s a broadcast, I have to match what the viewers want. But don’t I have to create an environment to allow the dancers who came to compete to do even that bit better, in order for the program to be more fun too?” He continued, “Honestly, it seems like DANITY are curious too. About why I cheer so much into the mic. The reason why is because when I used to go do battles a long time ago, I liked it so much when the MC was giving reactions, especially in battle rules. There’s also songs that some don’t recognize, and there’s also people who can’t hear it well because it’s loud or they’re nervous, so (the MC reactions) actually helped them a lot.”

On online community theqoo, netizens thought he was the perfect MC choice with his background in street dance and battling, Mnet survival show giga crew and live broadcast pains experience, and how he used to be a middle school b-boy teacher. In particular, a hot post garnered 51k views.

Netizens commented:

“It’s similar to what Yell was thankful to him for.”
“The MC especially hypes a lot in b-boying battles. I liked that he was putting in that effort. If we could hear the cheering from the crowd on the TV too, it’d be no problem. But since they only put the MC’s audio, of course it’d be noticeable.”
“I only knew his name and nothing else, but I became fond of him because he was good as an MC.”
“He was good as the MC. Since Daniel used to b-boy, he seems to know a lot about battles too.”
“I thought that the MC was really picked well since he knows battles so well. He’s a MC that matched the program perfectly. It was nice to see him being considerate to the dancers, and I was sad that I wouldn’t be able too watch him anymore, but since he’s doing it again, I’m already excited for it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s so cute how he bounces around when he gets excited ㅋㅋ”
“I’m a dancer, and I liked Kang Daniel a lot.”
“I could feel his consideration for the dancers.”
“He’s cute and did well. And at the latter half, they seemed to have lowered the audio of the MC during the broadcast, so if anything else, it felt empty then.”

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In an article released on November 19, Kang Daniel remarked, “Beyond the role of MC, personally, seeing the SGF stages reminds me of my b-boy days and evokes new deep emotions. It’s a different feeling of immersion from SWF. Seeing the fiery passionate stages makes my heart ignite too.”[s] [s]

The first episode premieres on November 30.