Translation: (take out with full credits) | Source: SBSfune

Singer Rain and composer Bae Jinryeol praise Kang Daniel’s “Rainism” cover stage.

Kang Daniel drew attention by perfectly covering Rain’s “Rainism” stage at one Wanna One’s final concerts on January 25. In the video clip, Kang Daniel completed the “Rainism” choreography with sophisticated yet powerful skills in a clean suit.

On February 12, singer Rain appeared on SBS’s radio show Cultwo Show and revealed he saw Kang Daniel’s “Rainism” cover because his company staff sent him a link. “He did a great job. He did it better than me,” he commented.

Following Rain, composer and producer Bae Jinryeol uploaded and praised Kang Daniel’s “Rainism” video on his SNS. “You’re really good. I will go see you next time when you ask me to come,” he said expressing regret. After Kang Daniel’s fans commented under the post, he also added, “If I have a chance later, I want to work with him” and “I’m impressed he added his own style to the cover,” complimenting Kang Daniel’s performance.