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For a bit, our Shusu* (T/N: Superstar) Kang Daniel-nim is missing.
Our economy is turning slowly, and it is neither here nor there.

Our Shusu-nim whose habit is to sell out showed up for a moment on a magazine cover (ELLE), and bookstores are feeling good as he left sold out records.

I always said ㅜㅜ
When you use our Shusunim as a model, please provide enough stock!
Please don’t have not enough!!
You have to be determined and prepared for the sales…
You need to also be prepared for your server to go down…
Because he is that popular…
Please understand ㅠㅠ

ELLE Korea-nim,
Even though it may be hard, you need to print enough magazines.
He has a lot of domestic fans, but large amounts of international fans are sad about the sold out status.
We want to see Kang Daniel, so how much more would we want to see the magazine? The fans’ love towards our Shusu is no joke.
Anyways, please do your best ^^

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In 2018, Kang Daniel’s cover for ELLE’s July issue sold over 100,000 magazines. For this year’s April issue, I am curious as to how many have been sold. Not only domestic fans but international fans’ charity/donation activities and purchases are astronomical… Please let us know through an article ^^ The fans’ charity participation was really nice.

During days like these when there is a decline in publication sales, the bookstores are experiencing the wind of Kang Daniel, and I feel great. 🤗

The Kang Daniel wind is blowing sol sol sol*~~~ (T/N: onomatopoeia)
The influence of his short appearance is incomparable👏🏼

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