Translation: @happydanielfan | Source: ELLE Korea

Pureness of youth and hotness of a young man’s face, coming to us with firmness. As always a unique being, Kang Daniel’s shining record.

Kang Daniel, the one with unrivaled presence, is on the cover of the ELLE April issue. Going from his bright image to gentle charisma, Kang Daniel showed a colorful appeal. In front of the camera, holding a Louis Vuitton Twist bag as a Louis Vuitton style icon, Kang Daniel showed skillful poses and expressions to create a high quality pictorial. After each cut, Kang Daniel monitored each image, shared ideas and showed professional ethics that led the mood of the photoshoot.

Kang Daniel is wearing a beige jacket for the cover that was released. He captured all the attention with his poses that were expressed freely. You can also see other images on March 20 in the ELLE April issue and on the official website.

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