On March 24, Kang Daniel made his much awaited comeback with CYAN 1st Mini Album and title track “2U”.

Lyrics by dwvn (다운), Noday, Versachoi, Kang Daniel
Composed by Noday, dwvn (다운), Versachoi
Arranged by Versachoi, Noday
Lyrics by Chancellor, Jin Ho-hyun
Composed Chancellor
Arranged by Chancellor
Lyrics by JQ, Tomboy1, Tomboy2, Jung Il-kwon
Composed by Rajan Muse, Jan Baars, Jacob Aaron, Awry, The Hub 88
Arranged by Rajan Muse, Jan Baars
Lyrics by Noday, oiaisle, Park Moon-chi
Composed by Noday, oiaisle, Park Moon-chi
Arranged by Park Moon-chi
Lyrics by JQ, Shin Sae Rom (makeumine works), Kang Eun Yoo
Composed by Laurent Wilthien, Jean-Noel Wilthien, Matthieu Tosi, Nick McKerl, Logan Lee Turner, Ryan S. Jhun, Noday
Arranged by Ryan S. Jhun, Royale Avenue

The singer kicked off his return with a special 1-hour comeback show on Mnet at 8 p.m. where he performed his new songs for the first time and also showed footage of his daily life as he prepared for his comeback.

[Via Soompi] On the topic of his title track “2U,” Kang Daniel said, “The lyrics are warm and comforting for when you’re feeling worn out. It gives a relaxing feeling when you listen to it, but it’s also good for performing. There’s a vibe that’s unique to this song. You’ll understand when you see it.” He also said to fans, “I’ve been feeling a lot of things. I want to share this good vibe with [my fans] DANITY.”

While filming his music video and other videos, he said, “I enjoyed it, it felt like I was on a trip.” He added, “I feel like I’m starting fresh. I feel nervous and also excited.”

Kang Daniel performed his new songs “2U” and “Jealous” for the first time, and he also staged performances of his November track “TOUCHIN’” and “Adulthood.”