KONNECT Entertainment was founded in 2019 as a one-man agency by Kang Daniel to manage his solo career. Two years later in 2021, the agency expanded its artist lineup through a management partnership and exclusive contracts. The label has signed artists, music producers and songwriters, and a dance crew.

On July 10, 2021, CL announced that she would be partnering with KONNECT Entertainment for the promotions of her upcoming album ALPHA as well as her activities within Korea.

KONNECT Entertainment officially stated, “We will be responsible for the management of CL’s domestic activities. We will passionately support CL so that she is able to be fully active as a top-tier musician.”

Meanwhile, CL’s agency Very Cherry commented, “We’re looking forward to creating positive synergy through this partnership.”[soompi] [s] [s]

CL also took to Instagram Story to personally share the news with her fans. Her full post is as follows:


ALPHA will soon be released, and in order to actively promote the album in Korea as well, Very Cherry be partnering with KONNECT Entertainment, who will be handling my promotions for ALPHA as well as my domestic management. I’m writing this post to personally introduce my new partner!

While preparing ALPHA, I worried about how I could reach more people and communicate more closely with my domestic fans, whom I’m greeting for the first time in a long while. In the end, I think I’ll be able to meet my fans together with a team that will support me and Very Cherry exactly the way we are, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Very Cherry and I plan to continue joining forces with a wide variety [of companies], without boundaries, in the future as well, so please look forward to it.

I’ll be greeting you next time with news about ALPHA!

On August 4, 2021, singer-songwriter and producer Chancellor announced that he signed an exclusive contract with KONNECT Entertainment. This move indicates the start of a full-fledged lineup expansion. Chancellor is expected to create a special musical synergy as an artist and his ability to produce. Daniel and he first worked together for CYAN.

KONNECT Entertainment officially stated, “Through this exclusive contract with Chancellor, a more diverse and clear music spectrum has been created.”

Chancellor commented, “I’m excited to be part of the new KONNECT family. As a producer and artist, I think it will be a very refreshing musical stimulus.”[seoulpop] [s]

Chancellor also posted on Instagram:[s]

I became a new member of KONNECT Entertainment.💙
Very excited to announce that I have joined KONNECT Entertainment. New family full of wonderful people.
New album is ready.

He shared on Instagram Story his flower gift with the message “WELCOME TO KONNECT ♡ Chancellor, walk only on the flowery path ♡” and Dom Perignon champagne.[s]

(On August 13, Chancellor had an Instagram live on the way back home from filming at KONNECT. He thanked everyone for the warm welcome: “Thank you, thank you for everybody for welcoming me into KONNECT. It’s amazing right now. Everybody’s so welcoming and I am very, very happy […] I’ve been getting so many warm welcomes from you guys. It’s amazing. I know a lot of DANITYs were cheering me on too, and I really appreciate you guys.” 7 minutes in he said, “The album… we shot the video and everything and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to show you guys. You know, obviously with a new team, it’s an amazing experience so far.”[s] [s])

Additional official KONNECT Entertainment social media accounts were launched: Instagram and YouTube.[s] [s]

On August 11, 2021, Celuv Media reported that Yuju from disbanded girl group GFRIEND had meetings with KONNECT Entertainment to discuss a potential exclusive contract and was likely to sign.

KONNECT Entertainment shared nothing is confirmed and responded, “We are planning on expanding our artist lineup, but none of the matters are finalized. Yuju is one of the artists we met during that process.”[soompi] [s] [s]

On September 1, 2021, news reported Yuju has officially signed with KONNECT Entertainment.

KONNECT confirmed, “We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, who has a unique and powerful voice. She has proven her versatile potential as an artist. We will actively support her through our expert, optimized management so that she can express her full potential.”

Yuju stated, “I feel secure to be working with KONNECT Entertainment, which has shared with me their good energy and sincere respect. I want to approach the public in a new way with an honest image and diverse music.”[soompi] [s]

Furthermore, Yuju posted on Instagram the welcome flowers she received with the message: “WELCOME TO KONNECT ♡ Only walk on the flowery path Yuju♡” as well as words for her fans:[s] [s] [s]

Hello, this is Yuju.
Firstly, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the precious fans who waited with unchanging love. I’ll be spending my time with KONNECT Entertainment who sincerely respects me. With a company that has healthy and good energy, I’ll be Yuju who approaches you honestly with music.
Thank you so much.

Yuju’s official social media accounts were launched: Twitter, YouTube, and V LIVE.[s]

Yuju revealed in her first V LIVE on September 10 that the flowers were delivered to her family home for the first time since she was born. She was at home in the morning when someone rang the bell. Yuju wouldn’t open the door for a stranger, but when she looked outside there was a man around his 50s holding the flowers. At first she thought he might have come to the wrong house since she didn’t think the flowers were hers. The man kept ringing the bell, and she thought to herself, “Is this what they call a flower delivery?” She opened the door and there was a delivery man with a warm smile who said, “Are you Choi Yuna? There must be something to celebrate. You have a flower delivery.” He set it down and left. Yuju was wondering who sent the flowers and then saw the KONNECT message and was so surprised. It was during the day so her house was filled with sunlight. With the flowers’ sudden arrival, it felt like a paradise. She was so happy and thankful.[s] [s]

On July 21, 2022, MZMC revealed that Yuju is a member of the MZMC publishing team.[s]

On November 18, 2022, dance crew We Dem Boyz (WDBZ) officially signed with KONNECT Entertainment after participating on Mnet Street Man Fighter.[s]

KONNECT confirmed, “WDBZ who have had a long relationship with our company’s artists, have now signed an exclusive contract and joined as new family members. In the future, we will continue to support WDBZ as artists.”

Leader Vata said in the KakaoTalk chat room he’s happy that they’re officially with KONNECT now. They have been working with the people there for a long time and know each other well. In his Instagram post, he said being with people he’s seen for a long time gives him more confidence and strength.[s] [s]
Subleader Ingyoo also took to Instagram to express his excitement by saying that KONNECT, where he has been part of since 2019, and WDBZ are finally together. WDBZ will continue to make good progress with KONNECT based on the experience and trust they had for a long time.[s]

Official social media accounts were launched on December 5: Twitter & member Twitter.

On August 29, 2023, it was reported that the domestic management partnership with CL’s Very Cherry concluded after 2 years.[s] [s]

KONNECT confirmed, “The past two years with artist CL have been special. The division of labor partner system drew attention as a new attempt, and CL’s presence became a good synergy for the artists under the company. The official companionship has come to an end, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude. We wish you more wonderful challenges and achievements as an artist in the future, and we will passionately support you along the way.”

A representative from Very Cherry hinted at CL’s plans, “We are strategically planning to continue our activities through various forms of partnerships.”[s]

On May 21, 2024, a day after news broke that Kang Daniel was filing a lawsuit against KONNECT’s major shareholder, it was reported that We Dem Boyz, Yuju, and Chancellor have left the company following contract expiration. We Dem Boyz’s contract expired in November 2023. Yuju decided not to renew her contract when it expired mid-April 2024, making her a free agent. Singer and producer Chancellor is also said to have already left. Kang Daniel, whose exclusive contract is set to expire in early June 2024, will also not renew his contract and will step down from his position as CEO.[s] [s]

On May 26, 2024, Yuju posted a letter on her official fancafe following the KONNECT news.[s] [s]


Have you been eating well?

I was worried that you might’ve been surprised by recent news regarding this or that, so I was thinking about how I could comfort you even a little bit. Since there are many warm memories in this space, I thought it’d bring some comfort to LUVU’s hearts. I’m leaving this here even though it’s getting late at night!

There will only be changes in my direction, but my heart and journey towards music will continue straight ahead without change. I’ll prepare even better and move forward so the time LUVU waited and supported me won’t be in vain. I will fill in the areas that have been lacking more thoroughly and diligently.

Rather than saying more, what I want to say is that I want to always be with LUVU in the moments ahead. As I’m only complete because of the times we spend together.

Thank you for always being my driving force and the ones I think of first in important moments. Good night. Take care of me in the future too.”